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We always tell ourselves that we can't do something, mostly when we don't get any motivation or feel like the world is falling on us. It's that feeling of suffocation that kills us knowing that everything is destroyed and we can't do anything about it but in reality none of that happens and partly as a product of our mind. This text may help you understand what I say. The mind is susceptible, sensitive to stress and when everything is normal we see the worst, even when absolutely nothing happens, we have to remain calm, many media, talks, conferences and even first aid courses have told us that we remain calm in a given situation. If we do not control the mind we will not be able to face the great challenges that life gives us and of course puts us at a disadvantage in the face of it. To achieve motivation we must have control over it, because otherwise we will be lost.

So I will give you these points that you should always be clear about:

1) Find motivation around you: Simple, when we walk in that mess we do not realize that the simplest things serve as an engine to move forward, if you are young think about your future, if you are an adult think about the future of your children, if you are an older adult think about everything you have achieved over the years, if you are a doctor think of all the patients whose lives you have saved and be aware of how much they love you.

2) Breathe: And you will tell me, but I already know how to breathe! Well, no, the human being sometimes fails even in activities as normal as breathing, we must take a deep breath normally about 35 times in a row, our blood is oxygenated and we will clarify our environment in addition to good coordination and better action in a situation.

3) Meditate: It is one of the most feasible methods that exist since it reduces stress and being constant will help you control your calm at any time.

4) Read: Document yourself, books on this subject, receive more advice about it and the most important thing is that you put it into practice, it is the only way to see results

5) laugh: It is the best therapy, when we laugh we release certain toxins that help us feel better, laugh even if you have no reason and you will see that you will know how to cope with your days in a very pleasant way.

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