Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Crypto Stories:Bitcoin Hacked....

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We all have memories of incidents which caused us heartache and heartbreak.Be it getting cheated on by your lover,being betrayed by a trusted friend or being neglected by your parents, one way or the other we all experience things that cause us pain and gets to our hearts.Regret is something so serious that it causes many people to fall into depression.Now imagine the pain of regret coupled with a loss of money. Imagine waking up everyday and looking yourself in the mirror, knowing that you could have been a multi millionaire.Driving a Corolla S when it could have been a Lambo.For some people this is a real experience,it's their everyday reality. And personally I think it's one of the most painful things one could go through.Below are some ways some people lost money or potential money.

1.The Guy Who Lost $250 Million

It happens to us sometimes, we forget the passwords to our accounts and most at times we have to go through several verification steps to retrieve it. But what if you forgot the password to your Bitcoin wallet which holds a massive $250 million ?Well..., there's only one person who knows how that feels.Stefan Thomas received 7,002 bitcoins after making a video explaining how cryptocurrency works,at the time bitcoin was only worth a few dollars per coin. Stefan had kept the password to the wallet in 3 different places,2 of which he lost.The remaining one is stored on an Ironkey,an encrypted flash drive.It's an impossible feat to break into an Ironkey,not even the makers of Ironkey can achieve that.It's a military-grade hardware which is designed to be impenetrable.You have only 10 attempts to guess the password,after 10 failed attempts,the encryption key is erased automatically and all data stored on the drive is wiped out. Thomas received the Bitcoins a decade ago and over the years the price of bitcoin has surged. Thomas still owns the 7,002 bitcoin which are now worth about $250 million.The problem remains however that he cannot remember the password to his Hard-drive and hence cannot touch a penny of his $250 million fortune.

2.Man Who Threw Away Hard-drive Holding $280 Million In Crypto

James Howells,a 35 year old man from Newport mistakenly threw away a hard-drive which stores a key required to accesss $280 million Bitcoin wallet.

He was cleaning his home in 2013 when he threw away an old hard-drive.He had 2 identical hard-drives,one of which held the key to his $280 Million fortune,he threw the wrong drive away.It's been almost a decade but James shows no sign of giving up as he is still relentlessly searching for the drive which he believes is in a garbage dump.While the external part of the hard-drive may be damaged due to rust, James believes there's a good chance the platter in the drive is still intact. However James can't just walk into the garbage dump to commence searching as it is restricted from public access and hence he needs to obtain a permit from the local council.This is outside the provisions made under the license of the council.So James made a seducing offer to the town. He promised to give 25 percent of the amount to be retrieved on the drive to a covid relief fund. He is also set to fund the excavation with funds from an unknown hedge fund. The future does not look so bright as all his requests to search the dump have been rejected.A spokesperson for the council narrated how the council had received several requests since 2013 concerning the hard-drive.The council state their reason for denying the request being that it is not allowed under their licensing permit and it also poses a health risk to residents of the environment.Coupled with the fact that there is no guarantee of the drive being found,the council remains firm on their decision.Howells continues to try and shows no sign of giving up.I would too if such a huge sum was at stake.

3.The Man Whose Bitcoin Account Got Hacked.

This came as a big surprise to me and I'm sure most of you are surprised too. But as it appears Bitcoin accounts are not completely impenetrable and can actually be hacked.Robert Ross of San Francisco can attest to this fact. The father of two went to a nearby apple shop after his phone lost signal out of the blue. He had thought it was a fault with the phone but the reality want he had been hacked and his 2 cryprocurrency wallets had been emptied before he even had an idea of what was happening.The hacker made away with $500,000 from two accounts he had on Gemini and Coinbase.Robert lost a total of 1 million dollars,he had saved that money over a long time for his daughters' college tuition and he lost it all in seconds.21 year old Nicholas was able to steal this 1 million dollars in cryprocurrency using a method known as SIM swapping.

SIM swapping is a type of account takeover fraud which targets a loophole in two factor authentication.The criminal steals your phone number by assigning it to a new SIM.Usually the hacker starts off by calling the owner's network service providers.The service providers will ask lots of personal information of the owner to verify the identity of the caller.Once the hacker succeeds in convincing them you lose your phone number and it gets assigned to the hacker. That explains the loss of signal, or more like loss of number. Once anyone gains your phone number it gives them unrestricted access to all your accounts and they are free to do as they wish, including changing your passwords and withdrawing your money.This,my friends ,is how he did.It is recommended that you keep a secret phone number which you use only to create accounts and nothing else to protect yourself from SIM swapping.

Nicholas' apartment was searched and $300,000 was retrieved from a hard-drive they found in the house.The rest of the money is still being traced with little results.

4.Man Who Missed Investing In Bitcoin At It's Infancy Stage.

Imagine you had the chance to invest in bitcoin when it cost just a Little below 3 dollars and yet you didn't.That's a whole new level of regret.Well that's the story of the man who is now a worldwide meme,Nick Allen. Nick Allen made a post on his twitter handle saying ,"Bitcoin down to 2.70 a pop.So glad I didn't buy in on that mess".Well,he is very much alive today but claims to be dead inside.If regret was electricity,his could power up the world for many decades. I entreat you all to always try new investments, the magic in the word "triumph" is try.Nothing great is built in a single day,even if it took a day to give a mind blowing performance remember it took several months of planning and practice.Be patient with your investments and always take CALCULATED risks. Don't be like Nick.

5.Woman Who Scammed The World.

Personally she always reminds me of the professor from Money Heist. She called herself the cryptoqueen,she said her coin will make bitcoin a thing of the past. Dr. Ruja Ignatova sounded very convincing and I doubt how many people had the strength to doubt her.She claimed to have invented a coin that will be the end of bitcoin.She went ahead and persuaded several thousands of people to invest in her "cryprocurrency" after which she disappeared into thin air. Dr. Raja held a conference at Wembley Arena in June 2016.She announced that her Insulin was going to kill Bitcoin in less than 2 years.She had a way with words that made it impossible for anyone to doubt her. Coupled with her glittering background,she had many people building castles in the air or better still I say building an empire for her.She attended Oxford Universityand had many degrees from different Universities. Dr. Ruja travelled around the world from city to city,holding conferences catching more fish,catfish to be precise.More money began rolling in and she began to enjoy her new found wealth thanks to the kindhearted investors. She bought many multi-million mansions and a yacht.Fewr begun to spring up as the long awaited cash out day kept delaying.A conference away to be held to resolve the issue in October 2017.However on the D-day ,Dr. Ruja failed to show up and all attempts to reach her proved futile. She had disappeared without a trace leaving all the intelligence units in a daze. She left with an estimated $15 Billion. Yeah! She made $15 Billion in one year.Don't be one of the "kindhearted"investors who donated to make this Professor a billionaire.Always do a thorough research before investing,and remember if it sounds too good to be true most often it's not. Hope you enjoyed it @Therandomrewarder. That's all folks!

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