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To My Little Sister

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10 months ago

Magic resides in the night;

Within pockets of shadows where lovers meet,

Within moonbeams dancing like sprites delighting in the charm of darkness,

Within the starlight like diamonds adorning the bodice of the night sky.

Magic resides in the day;

In every sunbeam that caresses your skin lovingly, tenderly

In every wildflower that embraces you as you wade through the field; their faery queen come to play

In every butterfly kissing you in deference to your beauty

There is magic in the world;

In the gurgling brook rushing with laughter, inviting you to play

In the cheeky wind tugging you, begging for a race,

In the pattering raindrops, enveloping you in a luminescent cloak,

In the frolicking clouds, sharing tales from today tomorrow and always.

Telling you tales past present and future

There's magic in the world, little sister, just waiting for you to discover

Waiting for you to uncover

Waiting... for just the right person to hear its tale and to tell it all

So go forth sister dear, and tell of the magic of the world as it purrs and gives you its all!


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