Foods that should not be given to children when they have a fever

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Fever in children is a common health problem. Although it is common, every parent must feel panic and anxiety. Especially if the fever is fairly high, which is more than 38 degrees Celsius.When you find a child with a fever, health experts advise parents not to panic too much. Excessive panic and anxiety will actually make the treatment carried out on children less than optimal. When a child has a fever, there are several things that are important for parents to pay attention to. One of them is the food that should be given and the food that should not be given to children. There are some foods that should not be given to children when he has a fever. Anything?

Junk food

Avoid giving junk food or fast food to children. Although delicious and generally favored by children, junk food contains cholesterol and high oil levels in it. Consumption of junk food when you have a fever will actually worsen your health condition. This will also make the child prone to coughs and colds.

Packaged food

Packaged foods should also be avoided to be given to children when he has a fever. Packaged foods contain nutrients that are not as good as fresh food. Experts reveal that packaged foods that have gone through a long process may experience a decrease in excess nutrients in them.

Spicy food

Spicy food is also a bad risk for the health of children who have a fever. Spicy foods can increase the risk of a prolonged cough and sore throat in children. Spicy food is also at risk of worsening digestive problems in children.

Sweet and fizzy food

Sweet and fizzy foods are also not good for children who have a fever. Children who have a fever and are given sugary or fizzy foods are more prone to experiencing prolonged illness. It is also prone to make the drugs given to children not absorbed properly into the child's body during the recovery period.

Aneja fruit and dry food

Various fruits and dry foods should also not be given to children who have a fever. These foods make it difficult for the child to chew. It also puts the child at greater risk of choking.

Greasy Food

Compared to buying junk food or packaged food, it is better to make your own food so that nutrition and cleanliness are maintained. However, remember, if your little one has a fever, make sure not to give him oily food. Because, foods that contain too much oil will be difficult to digest by your little one's stomach and can even trigger irritation in the throat. Foods with high saturated fat content, especially fried ones, should be avoided.


As your little one's body temperature rises, it's very important to keep his body hydrated. Foods or drinks that contain caffeine can make things worse because they can cause the body to become dehydrated. One of the caffeinated drinks that need to be avoided during healing and recovery is tea.

Those are some foods that should not be given to children when he has a fever. I hope this information is helpful. Come on Mom, be wiser in providing nutritional intake to children, especially when children are not feeling well.

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Types of Food and Drinks That Can and Are Good To Eat When You Have a Fever

Apart from the list of foods that should not be eaten during a fever, During a Fever, our body loses a lot of calories because the body is in a high burning process. Therefore, Mother is advised to give your little one more food and drink portions than usual. So can recover from fever.

Drinking lots of water can help and avoid dehydration because when you have a fever, your body sweats a lot and can lower your immune system.

Note, this is good food advice and is believed to speed up recovery when you have a fever.

Foods and drinks that contain probiotics or good bacteria. Probiotics are believed to boost the immune system. The list of foods and drinks that contain lots of probiotics such as tempeh, yogurt, pickled cabbage, and kimchi.

Consumption of protein to quickly recover from fever. Protein is a substance that is very important when we have a fever. Protein substances can provide energy to the body to maintain immunity and fight all kinds of infections that occur in the body. Examples of foods such as eggs, chicken, meat - meat, and also milk.
Fruits that contain vitamin A, C or vitamin E. The content of the fruit is very useful for reducing dehydration because it contains a lot of fluids. Consumption of fruits such as watermelon, apples, strawberries, kiwi, and other types of fruit.

Well, those are some taboos and types of food that are recommended and should not be eaten when your little one has a fever. To meet nutrition in the recovery period of the little one, the mother as a parent can continue to keep the little one hydrated by regularly giving him water. Then provide vegetables, fruits, and types of food such as soup that are friendly to the mouth and stomach.

Some alternative foods that you can follow, for example, are the BRAT diet, which provides food sourced from Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast. This type of food is easy to digest and can maintain the quality of sleep and rest of the child compared to feeding it with a variety of other foods. Then, you can also provide CRAM (Cereal, Rice, Apple, Milk) types of food. Indeed, the content is somewhat higher than BRAT, but the presence of cereals and milk can increase nutrition with protein content that is good for recovery when sick.

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