Reading and Writing skills

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3 years ago

Reading and writing extensively inside and outside classrooms helps to

improve the learners' reading skills. In English Language classroom learning

there is always room for the development of the two skills which are reading

and writing. But on the other hand, there is no room, even a little bit for the

development of two other skills which are also very essential in second

language learning. Those two skills are listening and speaking.

In Pakistani society, the teacher always influenced students only to focus on

reading and writing. Because Writing directly benefits students' reading

skills. For example, if you have students write about what they've read or

learned (for nearly any content or age), you'll dramatically improve reading

comprehension. Students are often forced to reread and think more deeply

about what they've read. When students have to consider a controversial

question and use texts they've read to defend their point of view, reading

comprehension is off the charts. In our school, we've emphasized writing

about what we read. It took about two years for most teachers, and students,

to embrace the concept. It was about that time that our end-of-year reading

scores had a huge jump. Because the grades which are printed on a student’s

annual report cards are mainly influenced by the reading skills of the


Writing also improves students' reading fluency. When students have to stop

and think about what spelling patterns to use when they write, they are

making a deeper connection in their brains about sound and spelling patterns.

This deeper connection makes it easier, and faster, for students to recall those

same patterns when they read. Written language is a secret code that

someone made up to represent spoken sounds. The more students think about

and practice the code in written form, the better they will be at understanding

the same code in writing. Again, in our high-needs school, we saw students'

scores on tests like DIBELS and our end-of-level test rise

dramatically. Fluent readers more deeply understand that code.

Writing also improves reading comprehension as students get better at

formatting their writing. When students write argumentative essays, they

learn how authors often lay out their arguments and evidence. This, in turn,

gives students a framework for reading others' argumentative writing.

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3 years ago


I am not a good writer though It can be learn and Practice makes perfect. Luckily this platform is a free writing website. 😍😉

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I'm agree with you my friend. My younger brother told me about this website last night just a couple of moments before I post my first article.I like this platform for developing writings skills.

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