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3 weeks ago

What Do You Think Depression Is?


​The theory of depression is sometimes misunderstood, its actually loss of mental stability with feeling negative and various other symptoms. Scientific studies show that in severe cases it can lead the patient to commit  suicide when he/she cannot escape out of the negative thoughts. 

 But this theory has even camouflaged some of the homicidal and murder crimes too giving them the name of suicides committed as the result of depression. Depression is another stage discussion when the mental health of people is being targetted. We say the person who is going through depression is rich, famous, has love and things! But whats making that person to go through such dark phase is the bullying, blaming and unnecessarily attacking on personal ongoings.

 Depression is next stage mental disorder curbing faith, positivity and right perceptions. People are being killed and are then being endorsed as "killed himself" and the matters are then thrown into the well forever. Who knows? What thoughts made that person suffer? Everybody loves to live happily but then why? Life is one time happenstance! Still its going on like if it has to return!

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