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3 weeks ago

Hi buddies 

I hope you are enjoying on read cash platform . 

Many people are confused nowadays about selection of their career and future. What to do next in life? They are confused between their parents advice, their own will and society talks.

Now I come up with a story that I had heard when I was a child.

There was a son and father who bought a donkey from a fair( gathering or an event). After 2 days when they were on their way to home. Both of them were  walking with their donkey. 

They heard that someone was saying " How fool they are, they have donkey and still they are walking". Both of them, jumped and sat on the donkey. 

After sometime, they heard that a women was saying that " How cruel they are, both healthy and fat are sitting on a weak donkey".

Now, son jumped from the donkey and father was riding donkey. Still someone was not happy. Even son and father change their position. 

At last they seize the legs of donkey and take off to their shoulders and went to their home. Everyone laughed at them.

Moral of the story is don't lose your happiness in making other happy. You can't make everyone happy. Don't try this otherwise you are going to ruin your peace of mind. Try to find happiness for yourself. Don't live for others. Listen from everyone but Do what that your mind say. You will not regret if you will choose anything with your own will. 

That's it... 😴 

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