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Identity habits

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1 year ago

One of the main ideas in the book is the idea of ​​creating "identity-based habits", which basically recommends focusing on the nature of the person you want to achieve.

A reader named Roland used the idea to improve his eating habits.

He wrote, "I quit eating unhealthy foods through identity change." I tried several times in the past, but it became easy - natural - as soon as I consciously decided that I want to be a healthy eater. I want to stop eating bad food. Instead, I tried to change the mindset that I am the person who eats healthy and lives a healthy life. It changes the way you approach things.

Another reader, Robert, used the idea to help quit smoking. He wrote, "I recently quit smoking and I don't smoke and I can't smoke. The difference is that my brain is a powerful trainer. The positive message that I don't smoke is that I have left nothing. I am not sacrificing happiness. I am investing in my future happiness and prosperity.

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