Where do you find happiness?

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11 months ago

My father is a school teacher. Taught many students in 50 years of life, still teaching. And cycle around on holidays.

But his passion for bikes is very intense. But, in this 50 years of life, he could not buy a bike himself. My knowledge of bikes is minimal, almost non-existent, as this mode of transport is not my favorite!

Anyway, after 1 month of inquiry, he said that either Hero Honda or Platina will be taken, but Platina gives good mileage so Platina is better.

So, bought a platina bike for him in the first week of March.

So far so good.

After buying the car, some people come and say

- Sir, why did you take this car? Not good, could have bought a bigger car.

I am surprised…!

I teach SSC science students in my home, one of them says-

- Grandpa, why did you take this car? Would have taken something a little more stylish.

So let me tell them something, that's what I'm sharing here-

Look, I feel happy.

I consider myself happy, because I compare my present with the past, not with others!

I will take a car, because by car I will go from point A to point B. If my car can take me from point A to point B, where is the problem for me or others…?

Yesterday also my father cycled while going to a function, but today he is cycling, his pain is getting less.

If I am in a better position today than in the past, then am I not happy…?

There was a time, when I used to get new clothes once a year, now I can buy 2 times if I want, so am I not happier now than before…?

Let's give you a small search for happiness today, believe that if you follow it, you can always be happy.

"Always dream big, work for it, but don't be disappointed if you don't get it.

Don't worry about the past, compare today with the past.

If you are in a better position today than yesterday, you are happy.

But, if you keep thinking about why you are not getting what you want in the future, then you will not be happy in life."

According to your earthen house, you may feel miserable today, but once you think of someone who has no place to live, you will have no objection to your current situation.

And if the eyes are always upward, you will never be happy, never be, never be.

Bike after bicycle, private car after bike, then Lamborghini, his private plane, rocket, blah blah blah everything, but no happiness!


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11 months ago