My Journey To University Story

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2 years ago

Hope so you all will be fine 🙂 Here is Physiotherapist Ali khan

Today I'm sharing my thoughts how I got admission in university 😃

As we pass intermidiate exams then got admission in university for further study

Same I passed exam but marks are not sufficient relatives talks dishurted feeling so shamed and then I again reapear in intermediate exams and then got 87percent marks and final got admission in university 🙂

Thanks to God thanks to parents and teachers 😊

Today I'm so glad as I really enjoy my life 💓

Never lose hope never shameful never think negative 🙂

Just focus on goals you will achieve them

Never dishurted peoples will talks about you as no one want you to successful 🙂

Just focus your goals

As I'm new here I don't know so much but I realize I will work hard at this platform and hope so provide good performance

May god bless you all remember me in your prayers ❤️ stay blessed be happy 🙏

Thanks 😌😊

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2 years ago