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Acrylic painting of moonlit winter night..

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5 months ago
Moonlit winter night..

This is one of my favourite painting.. Moonlit night means when moon shines in a cloudless sky.. It floods the whole world with its light and beauty.. It is not only beauty of nature but it has a great healing power.. The power to soothe body and mind. There are many stories, fairy tales and myth regarding this moonlit night. Back then when I was little girl of 3-4 years.. I always loved moonlit night. Our parents used to gossip and talk sitting in our yard and all kids used to play hide and seek. Those days are gone.. Those days are still my favourite memories. Now being in a urban area all I can do is watch moon sitting in the window or paint it with my acrylics...

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Wow! So amazing.Keel doing are very good artist.

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5 months ago