Gili Island is a very beautiful place in Indonesia ..

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2 years ago

Gili Island is a combination of three beaches. This island is Gili Air, Gili Limbok, Gili Tawanga.

If you visit Bali in Indonesia, you will hear the name of this place, the beauty of which cannot be described with some pictures. The strange blue color of the water that captures the individual colors of the day, the rustling of horse-drawn carriages, the cycling of travelers, the mesmerizing aroma of marine fish food, the beach food restaurant with its overnight song in a beautiful setting, all things to remember for a lifetime. Will experience. As well as some exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater walking, traveling by glass boat would be great. The cost is around-20-50 each. Bargain.

The way to go ভাবে

We don't have a four-person package from Dhaka for Bali Plus Gili Tour. For this we have spent 45 thousand rupees per person including airfare. These included airfare, hotel rental, overnight stay at the Science City overnight hotel at the Aston Hotel. 6 liter seven day packets.

Time: Pick up from the hotel to the jetty by microbus (one hour) + one and a half to two hours by boat.

Stay: Good Heart Resort, pre-booked with credit card ($ $0). Right in front of the beach, where there is a great nightlife.

One day, the mind is not full. Definitely plan for 2 days.

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