The Tipping Nature Of Bitcoin Cash

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(And How It Is Our Most Effective Tool)

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And most importantly, How does Bitcoin Cash make tipping better?

In America, Tipping is extremely common. We tip for drinks at a bar, restaurants, Uber, Lyft & Taxi Rides. Sometimes we even tip our buddies for doing us a favor or for winning a bet. And so when I think of Bitcoin Cash, I instantly think of the first time I had someone use chaintip on reddit. It was a magic moment that changed the way I understood digital currency. Something so simple as sending $0.01 in less than a fraction of a second across the country was fascinating.

We as Bitcoin Cash users have a tendency to...well...tip each other! And for good reason! Tipping allows for Bitcoin Cash to spread, While adoption allows for more places to use Bitcoin Cash. Even here on Read.Cash, We're often tipped for having good content, which allows Bitcoin Cash to flow throughout the community for good content. But here in real life, It is important to have the same attitude! Bitcoin Cash is useful for more than just online, but it can be a great gift to your friends, family, even noobies! Encourage your local bars, friends, family, waiters and waitresses,etc. to accept a little Bitcoin Cash! Remember the feeling of a family member who always has a nickel and a piece of candy in their pocket? You can be that person. When people receive Bitcoin Cash, Their faces light up in surprise!

When someone does you a favor, completes a task or job for you, Consider tipping them in Bitcoin Cash!

The Importance of Tipping: Gratuity, Gratitude, & Empathy.

In our current times, Things can be a bit rough with the current condition of the world. It is important to share things with one another, and money can be no different. When we share with each other, It creates a bond and a connection. The difference between Fiat and Bitcoin Cash tipping, is the transaction VALUE between Person and Person. It is not only a new age sign of trust, but it is a way to put money BACK into our COMMUNITY first. This is money that is in the hands of the people. When you give someone Bitcoin Cash, It does not go inside of a Bank. It goes directly to the party of which you choose. So when you tip a waiter or waitress for a good job, you do not have to worry about a sneaky co-worker slipping the money off of the table! This is more common than one may think! Sharing Bitcoin Cash with each other is far and away the best way to spread the news. If someone does not want to accept your gift, that is okay, you will always be able to move on to people who are more grateful for receiving such value. Never be pushy!!! Always show kindness, even when others may not agree with you about Bitcoin Cash, Or don't care to use it.

Time is always the best lesson.

The Importance of showing gratitude amongst each other is another way that Bitcoin Cash can revolutionize the way we share content and interact.

When someone does a good job, A reward is a perfect tool for making us better people.

The key to learning anything, and feeling good about yourself and others, Is via Rewards. It is okay to feel good about being rewarded for a job well done, Whether you are putting the time in to supporting others, Or building a business or relationship.

The Importance of Empathy




  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Empathy is the path for Bitcoin Cash. Being able to understand one another, will power us to unite and build a global community. We have the ability to share information and currency, while also being able to directly impact the lives of each other around the world, and this is 100% Permissionless.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, and the "What-If's", What about focusing on only on what's currently possible? And sharing that as much as possible.

We no longer have to sit around and talk about the differences between us and slow moving money and other projects. It is about creating that on ground ecosystem and network. If you need something, you have a global team of incredibly hard working people who can help you get in the direction of where you need to be.

And all of this starts with Empathy.

Whether it's putting your own bias and self aside, to hone in and learn of another, or simply growing to understand a new business model, It is important to put yourself in the shoes of others, As we have the ability to operate on a global scale.

Focus on building the world and future you want to live in, With Bitcoin Cash.

Start creating and boldly representing Bitcoin Cash.

Shop With Each Other. Support Content. Help Those In Need. Spread New Money.

New Money Belongs To Everyone.

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"In America, Tipping is extremely common." Okay, you're saying that for 15% of the world's population, tipping is very common! Which makes tipping less than the most influential activities to focuss efforts on when looking to increase adoption.

What we need to focus on is increasing the use of BCH for normal everyday use of the bitcoin, for buying and selling of goods or services, for sending money across borders quickly and cheaply without the need for a central institution that can charge fees for that, or subject that to regulation and rules (which can be tuned so the central institution can make even more of the action of taking your money and then handing it to the person you ask them to give it to.)

Ideally we want people to think BitcoinCash before they think Dollar or Ringit or something. That's where BCH's future lies and where most gains for efforts can be gained.

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