NFTs: Why being a creator has never been better.

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2 years ago

Before the mediums we have now, the most we could ever hope to use were the likes of social media juggernauts. With companies like Youtube & Twitch consistently taking portions of creator revenue, or using certain methods of donation to ensure a % in the name of paying the creator are nearly gone.

Using a platform like twitch and grinding day in and day out to be greeted with at least an affiliate level partner ship that even still, only a dedicated few receive.

Crossing that threshold nets you the ability to be paid for your streaming content - but that comes with the price of twitch taking at least 50% of all revenue you gain via their services, which includes the main earning mechanism, subscriptions.

NFTs set to change this by not only giving more power to the creator, but giving power to the communities in which those creators operate.

Being able to support your favorite artist means a lot, but your favorite artist having the ability to support YOU adds an increased level of value to any project they begin to do.

The best part is, you can be rewarded in numerous ways, whether it be exclusive merchandise, or being airdropped cryptocurrency directly, there is much more added incentive to not only be a creator, but a consumer!

Gone are the days of pouring our hard earned money into things we like and simply taking that joy as a return. Now we can be happy with what we purchase and use, while also supporting an active marketplace.

Just because something is not valuable to you, does not mean it won't be valuable to others. This NFT I made sold for over 5,000% profit and generated 5x profit for owners that resold at higher rates. NFTs are not SOLELY about earning for the creator, but a way to directly share that with an active community.

It also works incredibly well for engagement. When you can send someone a redeemable token or NFT, it adds value not only to the medium of exchange, but to the person who receives it! In a tokenized world, somethings you wouldn't have to physically pay for with fiat currency, you would get the value of paying a price denominated by cryptocurrency as a token! So for ex. Let's say you purchase one of these TACO Tokens - With a value of $0.94, customers have the option to save money on Shreddy's Taco's. 1 token = 1 taco, so you can purchase a set of lets say 6 tokens for $6.67, You're saving a whopping $17 on Shreddy's incredible and authentic delicious tacos. But let's say that maybe you want to give these to a friend. Using a wallet, you can easily transfer this token to their address, and now they're able to use it for themselves! But what if you don't have any friends? No problem! Simply sell your tokens back on the exchange! This is just an example I've found in BSV that show a really simply use for a token that can be backed with a real world medium of exchange. No matter the chain, I hope to see more people and companies tokenizing different items,services,etc. Simply extending value to the market can offer great returns to you as a creator. If you're interested in getting started in making NFTs at a low cost, feel free to reach on Twitter! I'll be dropping YouTube videos soon!

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ART and NFT, both are valuable somewhere, somebody and sometime

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