My Goals & Values In Crypto

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2 years ago

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Hello Everyone! Alien Here! It's Been Awhile!

Today, I wanted to share with you all, some of the goals I have within Crypto!
If you resonate with them or have the same goals, I'd love to chat! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter!

1. Sharing with Friends

Sharing Crypto with friends is AMAZING! Not only can you introduce your friends to crypto, but you can also use to create a sort of economy amongst yourselves! Peer to Peer transactions is the back bone of cryptocurrency, When you exchange with friends, why not use crypto instead? A Few months back, A friend of mine bought some drinks during a night out, I had some trouble with my bank account, however I did have just enough in Doge to cover the same costs. At the time, This doge was only $25. This same Doge today is over $100! And the best part is ? I bought some food for a friend, and they opted to pay me back in Doge! This moment was another eye opener! If your friend can offer you a good or service, or maybe just a tip for saying thank you, Please offer them Crypto if they are like minded! The goal here is being able to have purely peer to peer transactions with friends. No Cashapp, No Bank Fees or Overdraft.

2. Spreading Investments

DeFi and Crypto as a whole enable everyday human beings to transact seamlessly, but they also allow us to have investments and assets that we could never dream of.
NFTs allow us to own incredible rare works of art and trade them openly to other humans that are interested . DeFi opens up financial options that were previously not available for the average everyday person. When I think of investing, I look at how long it took for the ordinary to be able to purchase a Stock. Just now is this available at our fingertips. With Crypto, We have the ability to generate passive income. Our money is CONSTANTLY working as long as we are working it. My goal is to scrape small profits and use them to cross-stake multiple tokens to continue generating income that can be used to double down on savings as well as. Some people ask about "Well about the price fluctuation?" Once you understand that generating rewards is earning that passive income, You can pretend it doesn't exist. It is not money that was deposited into your bank account that you earned from your hard work and labor, so there is no attachment when you are using funds that are generated from using DeFi. As long as you are well researched and trust the program you're using, It is fine to envision a new and different lifestyle for yourself. Most of us who understand this have come from little to nothing. The Struggles to buy food, the struggle of paying for commutes to work, The pain of feeling like you will work tirelessly for a job that doesn't care about you. We have the ability to earn in new ways, I hope to consistently spread these investments.

3. Building and Empowering Accepting Crypto in Business

This is a HUGE Goal and Value for me. As I previously mentioned, I do not plan to struggle and work for the rest of my life. The way that we use Crypto should be to pay for goods, information, entertainment, etc. We as people have the ability to create NEW Businesses where we are the primary focus. My goal is to continue to create products and services that encourage crypto. This first began with the creation of The Bitcoin Cash Merch Site. We wanted to create better merchandise for the Bitcoin Cash community. Most of the Bitcoin Cash Merchandise available are simply a plain Bitcoin Cash Logo. Here, We set out to create fresh and exciting merch that customers can order using Bitcoin Cash. Currently, You can still get FREE Shipping to All Countries using Code: BCHDAY! We aim to give BCH back directly to the community from purchases made in BCH on the store. We hope to continue to create great Bitcoin Cash merchandise! I want to encourage others to create businesses that accept primarily crypto! Crypto is meant to be a currency! Use it!

4. Creating with like-minded humans

Last but not least, Being able to create something with other human beings is the biggest message that I want to get across during my time here. As a Video editor and Songwriter, Creating is in my blood. I recently had my best friend and mentor, Robb - Pass away at a moments notice. I was heartbroken. But his wife told me "You know he always wanted to see you stick to your grind." The energy we had when making music or filming videos was impeccable. Instead of drowning in sorrow, KNOWING he would disapprove, I want to continue doing what we had set out to do, and that's create good music and content with people just us like us. This reaches all walks of life. We simply want to get together with others and make something awesome. I hope to share this more with you all. My goal is to create new content to not only engage with viewers, but teach users how they can create their own or be apart of our collaborative efforts. We are open to creativity and would love to hear what you love about creating stuff, even if it's just articles here on!

That's it for now! But we these are the Core Values and Goals that I have here in Crypto! If you feel similar or have anything you feel would be great to add, feel free to comment here on! We'll be sharing some BCH here and over on Reddit!

Sharing and Encouraging P2P Transactions - Spreading Investments - Building and Empowering Business - Creating with Like Minded Humans.

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