Growth - In Baby Steps

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What is Success?

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

"there is a thin line between success and failure" · [more]


favorable outcome · successfulness · favorable result · successful outcome · positive result · victory · triumph

  1. archaic

    the good or bad outcome of an undertaking.

Success, even by definition, can mean a multitude of things, and can even be different from person to person.

Our ideas of success may not have the same view, or the same principles, but they come together using any of these definitions.

For example, If your idea of success is getting a new Job, It is a feeling of accomplishment through achieving a certain goal or purpose.

We often measure our success using the accomplishment of others. We put ourselves in another person shoes, than ask ourselves why we have not seen the same level "success" as the people we view as accomplished.

Additionally, We create false narratives in our mind as to what it takes to accomplish these goals. But more often than not, We fall short because we have absolutely no idea what we're aiming at. This has currently been the single most valuable piece of information that I have received in the past 24 years of my life.


Imagine shooting an assault rifle with absolutely no prior knowledge of how to use a firearm. Immediately this sounds like a horrific and incredibly stupid idea. And that's because it is. Just like it is incredibly stupid to set out on a path of "success" without first laying the groundwork to understand the value of accomplishing goals.

Trying to become Jeffery Bezos overnight without first understanding what it took for him to create Amazon, Is like signing up for the army out of highschool, and immediately being thrown into a tank with no prior training or understanding how to use it.

It is honestly as dangerous and it sounds. Who in their right mind would want to drive a tank with absolutely NO idea how tanks work? Of course this is an exaggeration, but the feeling of pursuing dreams and accomplishments, are often more explosive and can lead to pain, and if not properly handled, Will leave you misfiring into oblivion.

The Joy of Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby Steps:

It's the pitter patter of a child's first steps that send everyone's hearts a flutter. That fluttery feeling is excitement, as you watch the child improve with each and every little step, as they have accomplished a major goal. They are walking for the first time.

This feeling can be found as we engage with ourselves, to enjoy the process of improvement and learning. "The Grind" doesn't have to reflect such hard, constant, laborious mountains that seem impossible to overcome.

Instead, It should feel almost as if you are a child, with a crowd of people around you, preparing to take that first step.

One foot after another, You race down a hall of slowly gratifying accomplishments, that build and bring up the bigger picture. Now, You can run.

The more attention given to each step, the easier it is to understand.

So ask yourself, Are you giving it your all? Are you taking every necessary motion to go from a small, trembling step, to moving in leaps and bounds.

Tower over yesterday's you. Love you for making mistakes. Love yourself for understanding and identifying what you need.

And you'll watch as the rewards shine brightly through you.

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