Cryptolancing #1 - Earn/Stacking Crypto < Gains by AlienAntBag.

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Hello Everyone,

AlienAntBag Here,

So My goals of posting this here, And my goals in general, Are to Elevate and Encourage the ACTUAL Peer - To - Peer Transactions And Commerce In Our Communities.

Don't get me wrong, I love to HODL as much as the next species, But the honest to GOD TRUTH that nobody is talking about?

It blows chunks not using or spending your crytpo. Gains are absolutely amazing, My Epeen begins to Rod the moment I see anything above 0%, but After a few months, even being somewhat new to the space, I realize, I have all these awesome Internet Tokens and Nothing to do with them! And Skimming them back to FIAT just makes me feel like "Wow, I just wasted that entire investment on a poorly made $10 fast food meal that's going to come speeding out of my multi-colored rectum faster than you can say butt cheek on a stick"

So the Question of The Day is... Well...Now What?

It's Pretty Simple. Start EARNING Crypto the same way we EARN Cash.

We are very much so still in the very beginning stages of what Crypto can be. Quit looking at "Do I hold a Whole Coin?" "Did I get me gains?". Look, Bitcoin went from being literally as little as $0.06 to gaining 13,000% alone in the last 5 years. It's time to quit stressing and playing games as if we were traders. Let's also be honest with ourselves, If we were good at day trading, we'd spend the day trading, not scouring reddit for the latest picture of "Red Bad. Green Good."

If you're worried about investing your hard earned money, It's because you want two things, To see it "Work" or "Do" Something or, You want to spend it. It's that simple.

So when I take my mind away from the investing portion, and Finally hone in on the "Currency" side of crypto, It makes me wonder, Why Don't we transact more?

Aside from being able to sleep better, even though I'm giddy with excitement about how I'm finally going to be able to use crypto to buy coffee, I find myself thinking more securely about investments in general. Because the truth is, Not All of Crypto would I want to FULLY transact in. I feel like the idea of "Beating Bitcoin" is only from your species superiority complex. Being "Better than Bitcoin", Yes, By all means, Ultimately something will come and take it's place, But does that mean the value will drastically change? Likely not.

That's why, Once you turn your gears to realizing you can invest and earn in ways that are less stressful. Use Coins for what they SHOULD be Used for.

I don't want to use Bitcoin to Buy Coffee. I want to use it as an Asset. Generations and Generations of My Species have been Enslaved or Murdered, The AntBagians are Suppressed, But Not extinct... Same goes for all of our surrounding species like the BigBagians and Various others, They were never meant to nor allowed to hold common assets, nor were they generally considered apart of the species.

So OFCOURSE Now That our species has new technologies that allows us to own things without the governance, censorship, or discrimination because I have 6 arms instead of 8, Or because I'm Grass Green and Not the Perfect Teal or Mint Green, I am Still an AntBagian and Have the right to own assets.

So what about Cash Then? And All that "Earning" Stuff?

Once Again. Let's be realistic.

N O B O D Y G E T S P A I D I N G O L D. (Unless You're A Miner)

As much as I'd love to dress as if I'm amongst the Golden Fleece, It's simply not feasible. Not Without 1. Being Incredibly Rich Already And Purchasing The Gold. Or 2. Being A Miner.

Both of which. Are Incredibly Hard, Or Are Incredibly Expensive in terms of Resources, This includes being Suppressed further from By Laws of Your Planet or Source of Governance. From Additional Fees and Submitting Loads of Paper Work just for the ability to get started, or even attempt to start.

And the reason for this is because, Similar to the Whalelord species, Certain Species like to gain from the hard work of others, while making it increasingly difficult for say, the tiniest of AntBaggian to even begin receiving any form of compensation for their hard work. The Gathering of resources, the task of creating, the mountains it takes to even convince a single individual of the core value of what you bring to the table, are all things that take a considerable amount of not only time, but an incredible amount of income as well.

"They Say Time Is Money...Then I Ask....Why Is It Worth So Little? When I Sacrifice A LOT"

I'm sure we've all thought this a million times over. Thousands of hours, Countless Bodies, Only to still "Just scrape by". It's an amount of time and effort that goes into building companies and brands and literally anything you ever want to put your time into. So knowing that right now you're sacrificing so much, Why not at least, Want to Earn Better?

The Biggest Differences between Bitcoin and Gold is regardless, It's still easier to access, store earned value, borderless, and Dare I say (By Volume) Easier to mine.

Another Key, Is that again, As much as I would LOVE to live like an Olympian and Tip waitresses in Gold Dabloons. It's just not going to happen.

And to be honest... I wouldn't do it with Bitcoin Either!

That's why, As Much as LOADS don't want to admit it, It immediately makes Bitcoin Cash, A Fantastic Option as Opposed to sending Bitcoin Core. Not Saying that we won't transact in Core.

It's just that, If the Fee for Sending $30 is $20, and the Fee for Sending $50 is $20, Wouldn't you want to wait for a $50 opportunity if you're going to be burning the same $20 either way?

So when it comes to using Bitcoin - I want to transact that for things like Houses, Land Deals, Contract Deals, Transfers of Wealth, Paying A Few Generations of College Tuitions or Whatever my BabyBaggians and GrandBaggians Do or Need.

However, When I do want to get that $10 meal of disgustingly greasy interplanetary slop, You can bet your 3 eyes, 4 noses, and spaceship that It would be easier and faster to do so with Bitcoin Cash.

And the only reason for this is simply Because it's Faster And Cheaper.

When It comes to Basic Day To Day Commerce, Groceries, Daycare, Space Fuel, Comic Books, Or even A Hair Cut.


The Fee's Hurt, And It's hard to wait for the transaction to process.

If I can't leave Mcdowell's without waiting for my CashApe Card to process, In What Galaxy would ANY BASIC COMMERCE MERCHANT want to wait more than 1-4 Minutes to receive confirmation of a purchase?

And this is not just to beat up Bitcoin. It's to say that I would rather make massive lifetime purchases that matter when moving the asset.

So even when it comes to EARNING Crypto. You're going to want to do transactions of VALUE! I can imagine anyone who's anyone want's to be paid in Bitcoin. So why not simply earn and store? I don't care whether Bitcoin is $53,000 or $333,000, It's still the best place to store the value of my income, and watch it increase!

And for the rest?

It feels a heck of a lot better to earn better, smarter income. No matter the Currency!

That is why I "Alien Antium AntBaggian AKA AlienAntBag" am here to not only build, but to create and encourage basic commerce and trade. And I feel like BCH is a fantastic place to start Earning Crypto!

and before you ask yourself why you would....

If you went back in time 2009...would you take, Even 1/2 of a Bitcoin as A Cash tip?

Then Why Would You IGNORE The Ability To Start Earning Crypto NOW?

Over the next several weeks, I will be covering and reviewing various ways to transact and increase awareness and earn in return!

For Starters, If you've made it this point in the article, Congratulations!

Because This Website is already an awesome place to get started! Enjoy Social Media? Try Hanging Out Here!

Also there's already TONS of articles here that go over some awesome ways of earning!

My Favorite Stuff though is Using @chaintip ! To get started with a BTC/BCH Wallet, Head Over to! If You want to see how fast BCH transacts, Check out This Video!

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"S/O @Greyzzz - u/Valueable-Cod291! You've Been Tipped For Your Contributions To This Article! Ciao!" - AAB

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It is honor for me to appreciate your work for bitcoincash.Dear,God bless you!!You give me motivation.I am going to promote BCH in every cornerโคโค

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3 years ago

Good Alien.Your points are strong World should understand the importance of BCH.And I predict later or sooner it would be 1000$..๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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3 years ago

Nice read! The speed of that transaction in the video is nuts!

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3 years ago