Could CryptoFight's be the first Blockchain game built for Esports?

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What Is Crytpofights?

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CryptoFights, Per the Official Guidebook is a Competitive Turned Based Multiplayer Fighting Game. Players pick from a plethora of skills, weapons, and awesome strategic options, compounded with a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) probability system. If you've ever played games like D&D, Or even if you favor card games like Magic The Gathering, You'll feel right at home playing CryptoFights.

What makes CryptoFights unique, Is that items that players receive can be traded on a marketplace using the cryptocurrency BitcoinSV (BSV), Meaning that not only do you physically OWN the items in your inventory, You can also resell them for BSV or trade them for items. Imagine you're a big named champion, And everyone knows you possess a rare item. Shortly before you retire, You post the item up for sale, For an amount of BSV fit for a king. The Community is in shock. Not only of your retirement, but you putting up such a rare collectible.

How can you earn these rare items? Or even earn cash for playing tournaments?
By Participating in In-Game Tournament Events for REAL Prize Money!

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How does CryptoFights separate itself from other Games and Esports?

Download and Play on PC or Android Mobile Devices

CryptoFights is Unique because it looks to reward it's player base with actual currency. Long gone are the mobile days of old that have "Gacha" tactics, A term used to described that have almost casion style betting odds for winning rare in game items. Costing players on average $50-$70 Billion Dollars ( Yes with a B) Per Year. It's Roughly estimated that Mobile gaming takes up almost half of gaming's yearly revenue.


With that incredible number in mind, How long until gamers want to see some of that money back in their pocket? Steam allows users to trade items in CS:GO and DoTA2, However users only have the ability to sell and trade items for cash that can be used on Steam. The power of Crytpofights and BSV, Is that at some point, You would be able to finish a long day of sessions and some good trades, and use the proceeds to buy some drinks and food with friends, or maybe go see a movie.

Imagine how big the value becomes when merchants begin to offer crytpo based discounts + Additional goodies for being a top player in the game.

Think of how Bitcoin and Crytpocurrency can even change how professional players get paid. Users will finally be able to be free of contractual agreements when they are getting instant payouts from the blockchain, as well as full control of their careers.

No longer would content creators have to worry about contracts swallowing money that they could be earning. With the ability to use blockchain technology as an alternative to monetization, Top players could even create deep compelling guides, and have each view set for a price. Or What about those INSANE tournament sets that you just HAD TO BE THERE TO SEE? Well now players can upload these as well, and monetize them using the website Streamanity - Post videos. Get BitCoin! , A website that allows users to upload content, get paid in BitcoinSV, and even have revenue share amongst users. So now, When a tournament organizer has MASSIVE game that generates tons of views, The revenue is now shared between the organizer, and both players headlining the event.

Gamers consume over 100 Billion Hours. with Absolutely Staggering total watch time for Creators, Rivaling TV and Netflix with 10 Billion Hours Watched.

Gaming on YouTube is not to be taken lightly, As gamers watch BILLIONS of hours of gameplay, earning streamers and creators a ridiculous amount of revenue. The only issue is, Sometimes gamers and creators alike can be banned from platforms and have their content and careers removed overnight, and sometimes, without warning or notification. These Platforms also take a % of revenue from the creator.

With Gamers and Creators looking for new ways to be incentivized, Crypto as a reward couldn't be a better option. And as we move towards more self hosting and self monetization, Games like CrytpoFights, Websites like Read.Cash, and Video Platforms like Lbry and Streamanity offer major alternatives that allow users to take control of their destiny in how they see fit.

Should you give CryptoFights A Try?

If you're into CryptoCurrency, Fantasy Video Games, Esports, and Blockchain games, The answer is an obvious: Absofreakinglutely.

If you're not into any of these things, but maybe you like Dungeons and Dragons: This is still something you could get into.

If absolutely NONE of this stuff wets your appetite, Then... You may just be in the wrong place.

This isn't to say that CrytpoFight's is perfect. While our playthrough was incredibly enjoyable, it did sport a few slow load times, and sometimes I would have to click my options of attack, intelligence, or dexterity, multiple times. This would get frustrating as I click the button several times, and sadly find myself getting penalized for "Skipping A Turn" When the game didn't actually register my input.

This frustration lead to some pretty brutal deaths in the final dungeon quest, a mode that takes the players through the basics of playing the game.

With that being said, this game has loads of potential in not only the gameplay experience, but being a genuine alternative to fantasy games and pvp competitors who simply want to gain more value from the game their playing, as well as wishing developers to support tournaments and competitive efforts of the community.

And who knows, Maybe we'll see you at the top of the leaderboards!

A Player titled "Azuris" has already won close to 1 BSV in tournament winnings.
CrytpoFight's Recently Caused a Surge of Transactions on the BSV Blockchain.
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Nice article , I'm not sure I'm going to try Cryptofights, but I am shocked at how content creators are treated by YouTube especially. This is no joke, they can't just end people's careers like that.

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