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3 years ago

Hello all I am new to this "share your thoughts" community, and hope I am welcome here.

It's been all good here on the this great platform and I have really loved been here since you get the opportunity of earning bch that's bitcoin cash just from writing articles about different things.

Well for some time now I haven't been steady or let's just say I have not been really active here on read.cash due to some personal reasons, and I really wish and hope to be back on this great platform.

And I've been wondering why it's so difficult to get points here on read.cash even after our hard work, that's one thing that made me stay away for some time, we put in lots of efforts here and get nothing, no wonder I see less posts here, I guess people are getting tired already.

Hopefully read.cash will be back as it used to be. And I'll be so happy to post more here.

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