It Is Going To Be Okay

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3 years ago

Because the spring wind has already begun to weave itself through my hair and it is not delayed by my sorrows

Because we were given this time to slow down, to allow ourselves the space it takes to breath deeply .......... Because the tightness in your chest is nothing more than fear.

Because there are people who hang onto every one of your words like they are clothesline. Because there are people who have counted the freckles on your skin like stars amongst an indigo sky and who love the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh.

Because you can always dance to old Taylor Swift songs on crackling radios; you can always sing along. Because you will be touched again__ your skin, your heart.

Because the earth is moving forward, and the rain will fall again, washing off the dust. And nothing last forever, not even this despair. Not even this uncertainty.

Because that first warm day the first of many is coming. And isn't the caress of sunlight on winter beaten skin a beautiful feeling?

And can't you see that all this proves, is that we have everything we need in the moment?

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Such a nice and sweet article . Theire is lot of meaning behind your writing. It gives us enlightenment

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3 years ago

I concur, it's going to be ok. Your article sparkle hope to everyone during this pandemic period

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3 years ago