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Today, Large Protest In London

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2 months ago

London Coronavirus citizens took to the streets of London against the new government restrictions to prevent, during clashes between police stop the protest. British media reported thousands of Trafalgar Square demonstrators were protesting against new government restrictions on the clashes that were stopped by the police, police baton-charged the protesters. Protesters also threw water bottles.

According to the report, 3 protesters and 4 police officers were injured in the clashes, while 10 protesters were arrested. London police say that the protesters had violated the social distance law so the police had to end the protest. It is believed that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had recently announced strict sanctions in England to control the second wave of Corona. Under the new restrictions, gatherings of more than six people under the open sky and under one roof are prohibited. However, protesters are exempt from the ban, but they are required to maintain a social distance. According to the report, thousands of protesters did not care about social distance, while very few wore masks.

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