The predictions and plans of "Simpson cartoon series" (Part-01)

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Today we are going to talk about a Simpson cartoon series which is always under discussion after some event, whether it is Crohn's virus, Ebola virus, 9/11, Afghanistan war, world wars, bad world conditions, Elections in the United States, any new technology, we often see that one or another clip of the same cartoon series comes to the fore and surprises the world that this is what this cartoon told earlier. Therefore, it is often said that these cartoon series are being run by an antichrist organization or the devil's helpers and these people predict the future with the help of the devil.

No one knows the unseen except Allah as much as Allah gives.

In this cartoon series, try to know two things: a prediction and a plan. Only those who have been blessed with some knowledge of God can make predictions and predictions are always in the form of the possibility that it may or may not happen, Therefore, when most of my friends draw conclusions about the future from the hadiths of the last Prophet (PBUH), I tell them that these are not predictions but only prophecies that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) narrated by the command of God and must be fulfilled.

The second point is to plan, to plan any event in the present or in the future, and then to know the future situation or to show your control and power in the world that this cartoon and the lobby that runs it is doing. They do not have the power to know the future, nor do they have the knowledge of the unseen. They write scripts to perform events from years ago and, according to the script, cast people who can do the work according to their needs, just like a movie.

Many times in the world there are events that turn his script upside down, such as the same secret forces that showed a famous actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger to become the President of the United States many years ago, but it did not happen. The plans of these secret powers were not being carried out, matters were not settled between them and a demon-minded man like President Bush was made the president who had destroyed the Muslim world. What he said about Trump a few years ago is exactly what happened until a popular 2000 clip showed Trump descending a staircase and a man standing next to him with a placard that "Paid" was written on it. But in fact, in 2015, when Trump was going down the stairs after becoming president, the same person was standing with a placard in his clothes. The scene shocked the world, even though it is part of a script he has written that every American president has been performing. The withdrawal of troops, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and the gift of peace to the world, especially from Afghanistan, with which the withdrawal of troops from Pakistan was not in the interests of Israel and the secret services. But Trump took this step which was the wish of the American people but was not part of the script, so now these powers have removed Trump from the path, that is why Trump is shouting that the election has been stolen.

After the US election, the same game has started which was planned by the Simpson cartoon that when elections are held in the US on November 3, 2020, then the supporters of the losers and the winners create riots and destroy the US. Now that Biden will be sworn in two months later, the United States will have suffered a lot, riots in the United States will soon be on the rise, and the world will see war and famine. But thank God that these will be proved wrong again about the most powerful Islamic country Pakistan and will continue to happen when the world moves towards decline. This Islamic country will see the rise, by Allah's willing.

Remember one thing, remember that America is a laboratory for the Jews from where they experiment in the world and everything is scripted. Neither American presidents are loyal to America nor their agencies but everything is at stake and this is for the Jews. The whole game is being played, now the Jews will destroy America and become powerful themselves, American companies will turn to Israel. Years ago, an episode of this cartoon showed four parts of that Islamic country Pakistan that the four provinces of Pakistan will become separate countries and Allah forbid that Islamic country Pakistan will break up. After the same series, new maps of that Islamic country Pakistan were made, the impression was created in the world that Allah forbids, that Islamic is falling apart. While on the other hand a huge war was imposed on the most powerful Islamic country Pakistan and the United States came to Afghanistan under the pretext of 9/11 to fight this war, it was shown in the 9/11 Simpson cartoon a few years before it happened, then this Islamic country Bloodshed was played in its province (Sindh), especially in its most populated city (Karachi), conspiracies were hatched to break up two other provinces KPK and Balochistan.

(It was written on it, I will share it, by Allah's willing) Allah says that "you make a plan and a plan is made by your Lord and your Lord is the best planner", today, thanks to the Holy Army and its intelligence agencies This plan of the powers failed, that is why they hate the Army the most powerful Islamic country. That these powers made many plans related to the most powerful Islamic state, some of which are also shown in this cartoon, but by the grace of Allah, these plans are not being fulfilled, say thanks to Allah. Be proud of such a powerful Islamic Army that this one part proves the written script of this series wrong.

Due to its length, it has been divided into two parts, by Allah's willing, I will share the second part tomorrow or in the near future, in which I will talk about epidemics and technology.

Thanks for reading.

To be continued...

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