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The heaviest thing in life's journey is empty pocket

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1 month ago

This is a very difficult stage. In our country, care is taken from childhood so that when one grows up, one should not even think of getting rich by mistake.

Making money is one thing and getting rich is another. Everyone strives for a living. If you get a little salary, then understand that the journey has started. But the traveler does not think that spending time and relaxing, being carefree, are two completely different things.

You are taught from childhood the stories of the elders who lived honorable lives even in extreme poverty. If their clothes were torn, they would patch them, but they would not think of new clothes. For those whose purpose was more important than money. Kings are said to have starved themselves but their subjects slept soundly.

Think you've ever seen a rich man as a hero in coursebooks? There used to be one Hatim Tai. His cycle was such that due to his generosity, he too was on the verge of poverty. Apart from Hatim, if a rich man is mentioned as a hero, he will either have opened his coffers to the poor or he will have done something called public welfare.

A rich man who has earned his own money is never our hero. In the same cycle, we also made the salary of Quaid-e-Azam one rupee. Our good kings sewed hats and everyone else made history.

That is why we are confused all our lives. The idea of ​​a rich man is like a villain in our minds. Think about it, if someone called you Seth, would you be comfortable? Or skip it, check your official language. It will be written in the letter. Fadwa submits this, it is the request of the despicable, the least want it, and then, if they come through here and come to the literature, they will try to be called regular faqirs, dervishes, contemptible, etc. Why? Why don't you write your name instead of a contemptible, poor man, or use it in a word? What is dizziness? Why is the whole nation revolving around glorifying poverty? Why don't I want to get Nawab Hasnain, Seth Hasnain or any other kind of rich title?

The reason for this is that being rich in our country is a regular sin on which shame is permissible. The grip of the rich is also shown more in religion, they are also kicked in the course, the rest has to be done by dramas or movies.

What happens now Our concept is not clear. We think that we are actually being content, while what we are doing is called living in poverty. We think that we are being honored by the illusion of white supremacy when in fact the hunger of centuries is making a place in the minds of our future generations. We want to become Hatim Tai when we get some money from our children. After death, children abuse us that our parents did not even handle the money.

Strike the mind. Stop teaching greatness type lessons to children in poverty. The biggest disadvantage of this is that our entire generation has turned into a poor brand of contentment. Those who are poor but who think that they have a kingdom in the world, when there are ups and downs in life, their hands and feet swell that there is an empty wallet, so next what they do. Do a job and sit at home on a cold evening fighting over financial issues. Why don't you do the second thing in the evening and the third thing at night? Because the brothers have become addicted to honor in contentment, greatness in poverty, kingship in poverty, chieftaincy in Malangi, nawabi in dervishes, and wealthy type intoxicants.

Why do we dream of getting a graduate job? Why does a child never dream of becoming a shopkeeper? Have you ever wondered if you would teach your child property dealing or your child would open a meat shop when he or she grows up? Even the butcher will want his son Babu not to spread the business. Why?

Believe me, this artificial behavior has not killed us. Explain to your child why money is important, why it is important to earn it, why it is important to save it, how all your worries are removed from it ... No ... one minute!

What was it, money is not the solution to every problem, money is the mail of the hand, regular lahul wala qowata! O very contented poor people, these two or three proverbs are the root of all this mischief. Tell the children everything you have understood since you were very old! With money, there are many possible solutions to every problem. Money is not a hand-me-down, but money-making fairs are great. What is the greatness, it is another wrong emotional word, so to speak, a dirty hand that earns money is better than a clean hand that earns less money, love cannot be bought with money, but if the car is a bungalow, lots of love at one time. And so on and so forth.

As far as the sanctity of poverty is concerned, may God save you from the poverty in which your faith is ruined by seeing a loaf of bread on a hungry stomach, and grant you an empire in which the servant himself can become a distributor of sacks of flour, even if he takes pictures.

All this I understood at the age of forty. No one is talking, I am a Malang type man. Such a meeting as Gandhiji did. There was also the cost of the security guards to maintain the dervishes and there was no one who had no clothes on. Goats were also raised separately for goat's milk for breakfast. If I give an example of my Malang, dervish, or faqir, I will be killed, so spend it on Gandhiji, it is easy to rub rubbish.

So well, the point was to say that you did the luxuries of this poor man, we did it, don't throw the children into this fire. Calling money bad doesn't make money bad, it just makes you angry with your generation. Do yourself a favor. Encourage them to sell something online, teach them a skill with reading, Put in their mind that when boy is fifteen or sixteen years old, then take the name of Allah and start a business. Maybe a twenty-two-year-old with a degree doesn't start the long journey of life with an empty pocket!

Tell your children to earn money, don't talk about greatness in poverty.

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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