"The frivolous questions", which ruin the lives of others

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There are a lot of examples of such frivolous questions but I have quoted only four of them to give you a better understanding.

These four examples are given below:-

Example No. 01

One young man asked another:

Where do you work

He replied: In such and such a company.

Then asked: Good! How much does the employer pay you?

He answered 500

The young man asked in astonishment: just 500?

How do you do that? Of course, the employer does not deserve you to work for him for such a low salary.

After listening to all such stuff he starts hating his job.

And he started asking the shopkeeper to increase his salary. The shopkeeper refused to raise the salary. So he stopped working. He used to wash his hands of what he used to earn and now he is living a useless life.


Example No. 02

Here, A woman born a baby boy. Her friend asked her on this auspicious occasion: What gift did your dearest husband offer you on this auspicious occasion of birth?

The woman replied: Nothing!

Her friend said in astonishment: How strange! In your husband's heart, you have no importance?

This dynamite of her friendly words was put on her and she started moving.

Her husband came home at noon. So he saw my wife is very angry. Both of them oral fight and the matter reached to divorce.

Where did this catastrophe start? That's what her friend said.


Example No. 03

It is said that he was a father, living a very peaceful and contented life.

Someone, said to him: Does not your eldest son come to inquire about your well-being?

What a strange thing! After all, what compulsion does he have?

Then what happened in the heart of this father, these things went home.

After being affected by that frivolous question, his quiet life started ruined.


Example No. 04

In our daily lives, we are often asked questions that seem very innocent but in reality, they ruin our lives.

For example

Why don't you have it

Why don't you buy something like that?

How are you coping with this painful life?

How are you enduring this person in your life? He is not a good person at all.

The gist of this message or article is not to ruin someone's life.

Think first, then speak.

Another piece of advice!

Be a blind man, when he enters someone's house. And when you get out of there, Be a dumb one.

By sending such instructive messages, I do not claim to be very clean. That is why I consider myself the first addressee of these messages.


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Wow, nice article friend. People are complicated in life

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