(Part 5/5) A weeping (real-life) story of "Nooran prostitute" heard from an imam of a mosque

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Just tell me what I'm going to do today. Know what good deeds have come. I would have been trampled underfoot if Nooran had not survived. 'I reassured her.

.Nooran? Our neighbor Nooran? Where will she come from? You must have seen someone else. ' He said in surprise

Oh no. It was Nooran. ' I looked around looking for Nooran but I didn't know when she was gone. I searched for it a lot later but where can I find one in such a huge crowded place.

By saying Allah, Allah, the Hajj was completed and we both returned home. Ghulam Shabbir was received at XYZ city Airport with garlands of flowers.

Congratulations. Congratulations Mian Jee. On the contrary, now I will call you Haji Sahib. 'He smiled and congratulated us both, then my neck cracked when I heard the title of Haji Sahib. Excited, I patted him on the shoulder and motioned for him to pick up his luggage

Sitting in the taxi. When I discovered the well-being of the mosque and the house, Nooran came up with the idea.

Mian Ghulam Shabbir, tell Nooran '. I was referring to his request for Hajj.

What can I say about this poor woman? But how did you know? 'He looked at me in surprise.

The meeting was held in Mecca. I understood the sadness in his tone as my misunderstanding.

Did you meet in Mecca? Don't joke Nooran would have been killed the day after you left.😭😭

It was as if he had dropped a bomb on my head

Was there a murder? 'I asked shockingly.

Yes, Mian Jee (imam). The poor woman had saved money for Hajj. That night no customer came and killed the poor behind the money. We found out in the morning when her children saw her body. When the noise was heard, everyone gathered. Police also arrived and took his body for autopsy. Just yesterday I brought the corpse from the morgue. Ghulam Shabbir's voice was wet with tears. 😭😭

Did you find out about the killer? 'I was still in a state of shock.'

Police have not enough time to find the killers of prostitutes. There were only three people in the funeral prayer of this poor woman: me and two gravediggers. 'He said shaking hands with regret.

And her children? What about them? 'I asked, wiping the moisture from my eyes. 😭😭

Nooran has no children, Mian Jee."When a baby boy gets birth in a prostitute home, They usually picked him up overnight, and after killing him throw him in a dustbin. They were all such children. Nooran knew who was going to have the baby.

If it was a boy, she would pick it up and bring it home. Mian Jee (imam), she was a prostitute, but I am a witness. The poor spend as much as they earn on children. They had just set aside a little to go on Hajj. He also looted her killer 😭😭

Tell me, Ghulam Shabbir, what did she say when I refused to submit her application? 'The door of truth had begun to open on me.

Just what Mian Jee says, poor thing. There were tears in my eyes. She raised her hand towards the sky and said, "Just call this bitch and call her." Ask me then the water of my eyes fell on the jars. There was a storm of regret. My faults were flying in the wind. The dust of sin was moving and my eyes were going blind. 😭😭

Why are you crying Mian Jee, You used to call it impure. 'Ghulam Shabbir said looking at my beard wet with tears in surprise.

Why should I cry for Ghulam Shabbir? She was not unclean. Unclean, we are the ones who judge the uncleanness of others. Nooran was the bondage of Allah. Allah called me to His house. 'My remorseful hiccups did not stop and Ghulam Shabbir kept comforting me without understanding. 😭😭

The taxi entered the neighborhood and stopped in front of the mosque. He had just landed and looked at Nooran's door. A crowd was gathered there

What is the matter with Ghulam Shabbir? Why are people together now? '

Mian Jee, I think the police have brought the people of Edhi Center. They will take the children. There is no one to take care of these poor people, ”said Ghulam Shabbir thoughtfully

I grabbed my wife's hand and walked towards Nooran's door, gesturing to Ghulam Shabbir to follow me.

"Where did you go, Mian Jee?" Ghulam Shabbir asked in surprise.

I'm going to take Nooran's children. From today they are my children. And yes I have thought of the name of the mosque, from today its name will be "Noor Masjid". 😭😭

"We are not able to see the greatest deeds, of any sinful person, But Allah sees everything and Allah knows everything and Allah's judgment is the best."

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😭😭😭 Who are we to judge who's clean or not? She's looking after those children not even hers. Poor Nooran. He did regret it.

When we're in Thailand I met many bar girls and never did I judge them for their work when all I know is they're sending money to their family in provinces and feeding them all. It could be wrong but who am I to judge?

You're a very good writer and your words are beautifully written with so much humour. It wasn't easy for me to understand at first and my English is very limited. You're a pro when it comes to writing. Love that. Thank you for a wonderful story! That's the longest I've ever read in read.cash 😆

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2 years ago

Thank you so much dear you read it. Yes, it's the longest article (on a real-life story) among all of my articles. This article was long just because I have tried it write as it is as I heard it from an old imam of a mosque at the sermon on Jummah(Friday) prayer. Even I don't like to read and write such a long article especially without images or with fewer images but I attempted it to write just because of the "Nooran" character which really made me emotional and my eyes started to release the rain of tear. Even I'm such a kind of person that it's very difficult to make me emotional or weeping.

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2 years ago

Nice article dear, keep it up

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2 years ago

In this article I have find inspiration. That's why I think it should read by more Muslims. I find so many helpful word, I serious about my comment.

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I don't know why people decide someone's actions on their own. While they themselves are among the same people living in the same world. It is not necessary that if one's deeds look bad, then goodness has never been born in him. We just have to focus on our actions.

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2 years ago