(Part 3/5) A weeping (real-life) story of "Nooran prostitute" heard from an imam of a mosque

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Sometimes tease to 1, sometimes to the opposite. When his movements exceeded the limit, suddenly the ghost of anger came visiting my mind, and that imam picked up the wooden stick I had through it to Nabil. I had hit the target on the rear, but God did it because the stick hit on the child's forehead.

Seeing the bleeding, I forgot my headache and that I panicked and called Ghulam Shabbir. He came running to the poor and took the kid to the doctor's clinic nearby. Thank God the stick didn't hurt. The bandage worked and therefore the stitches didn't use. I had just finished the remainder of the youngsters and reached the door of the mosque when a girl wrapped during a chador stopped me. I saw the lady standing at the doorstep of the mosque, weeping

Forty-five must be heard. Normal shape and form. dull color and deep scars of chronic smallpox on the face. Black winter flowing on the eyes and cheeks dipped in tears. Light gold earrings hanging within the ears within the name of bijou and cheap red cloves shining within the nose. The sheet is additionally cheap but clean and slippers on the feet.

What's up BB? who are you?" I asked him in surprise.

I am Nooran Maulvi Sahib. ”

Nooran? Nooran Kanjari? ”. I looked around for Ghulam Shabbir, but he didn't know where Nabil was missing after applying ointment and leaving him at his house.

Yes. Nooran Kanjari! ” He looked down and confessed his name. I used to be embarrassed for ages by the abusive nickname that came out of my mouth on the other hand I spotted that she was a prostitute and to blame for her bad reputation. Shame on her, not me. Then suddenly I noticed that the impure existence of this prostitute in my pearl-like mosque was nothing wanting filth.

Get out and stand. Don't make the mosque dirty, Bibi ”, I pointed to the road out of hatred.

He searched at me in amazement as if he didn't expect me to try to do that. For a flash, there was a twinkle in his eye. But then, after some thought, he drowned the intention of protest in tears and left without saying the rest. I didn't even stop her. Ghulam Shabbir also arrived in such a brief time.

Who was Mian Jee? What did she want? ”

She was Nooran. do not know why she came? But she's going to not come to the current sanctum within the future then reprimand. ”

She had come to hug her child. Nabil's mother. the kid couldn't bear the injury. And you rebuked this have-not. " Ghulam Shabbir said while advocating for Nooran

So Nabil is that the son of Nooran. If he does such acts, he is going to be punished. sort of a mother, sort of a son ”. I attempted to cover my embarrassment vainly. For an instant, the thought came that the kid is innocent and so I used to be abused. then again the thought of being his own teacher came to mind, so he struck for the nice of the kid. what happened. and so what right does a prostitute must complain to the imam of the mosque.

How many children does Nooran have? ” I attempted to vary the topic. "

All the youngsters studying within the mosque belong to Nooran. there's also a lap baby. Only Nooran sends her children to the mosque during this neighborhood. Everyone else's children are wandering around. I used to be getting ready to reply when Kotwal's car came to a halt. I do not know what reasonably man he was, but his wife was very kind. Every other third day she would send something sweet within the name of ending. On at the present time also, the orderly of Kotwal came to relinquish jalebis. The appetizing aroma of hot jellies cooled all my anger and therefore the thought of Nooran Kanjari just gone.

This is mentioned some days after Nabil was hit by a stick. After reading Isha, I got involved during a discussion with Ghulam Shabbir on a Shariah issue, so it'd be too late to travel home. after we got out of the mosque, the bazaar was booming. Curtains flickered on the balconies and therefore the sound of harmonium heads and drum beats echoed from the rooms. the frenzy to pan cigarette and flower shops were also slowly increasing. Suddenly my eyes fell on the door of Nooran's house. She was standing outside and was making fun of each man who came and went.

To be continued...

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