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My Holy Prophet (PBUH), All I Have Is You (Part 01)

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1 month ago

The most difficult moments for a writer are when he can't write despite the sea of ​​words.

Sometimes these moments are painful, sometimes these moments become a sweet pain and start smelling in the heart and mind.

Then everything is available. Even words, even sentences, even sequences, but they all seem despicable, helpless.

And this humility of words is only and exclusively for the Holy Essence of my Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Where to get high definition words. Every word is short.

To me

My Holy Prophet (PBUH)

On you, I sacrifice this life, wealth, children, and parents.

And sacrifice all the loves of the world to you.

Every year Rabi-ul-Awal swells with joy that the Holy Prophet came to visit me.

At the same time, my feet get wet with tears that my Holy Prophet (PBUH) passed away. This thought brings a torrent of tears that refreshes the faith and keeps the tongue wet with Darood's blessings.

You are everything to me.

The joy of the blessed birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is so precious that every happiness in the world is before him.

Hazrat Amna was suffering from grief and anguish over the death of her husband. The arrival of the Holy Prophet filled Bibi Amina's lap with joy.

Blessings had already begun to appear before the birth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). When the time of the Holy Prophet's birth came near there are few incidents that appeared which were indicating the welcome of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Which is called Arhasat in the term of Muhaddithin.

Here are some of them:

1. Good news in a dream, this pregnancy (i.e child) will be born and will become the leader of the Ummah.

2. After getting pregnant, mother Majida saw a light, which brought the palaces of Syria to the fore. (Sirat Rasool Mufti Shafi: 26)

3. No heaviness was felt during pregnancy and no nausea, vomiting, etc. occurred. Which usually comes to pregnant women and so on.

Similarly, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was very sad after the death of his son Abdullah, but he was so happy with the birth of his grandson that he forgot his son's grief completely.

Hazrat Abdul Muttalib slaughtered camels for the pleasure of his grandson and fed the poor all over Arabia. On this occasion, the great chiefs of all the tribes gave birth to the child (PBUH) and congratulated Hazrat Abdul Muttalib.

On this occasion, his grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib named the child Muhammad (PBUH).

When did someone ask Hazrat Abdul Muttalib why you did not name your grandson after your ancestors and preferred a name that has never been used by anyone in your nation and your family before? So he replied that I have named my grandson in the hope that all the people of the world will be soft-spoken in his description.

In one narration these are the words: So that Allah Almighty may praise and glorify Him in the heavens and may the earthly tongues be on earth.

It is narrated that long before the birth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), Hazrat Abdul Muttalib dreamed that a silver chain came out of his back, which went up to the sky, a chain to the ends of the east, and a chain Reached the western end, then the chain turned into a tenacious tree and the light spread to the address of this tree, then he saw that under these luminous leaves people from east to west are gathered.

Abd al-Muttalib, after waking up, mentioned this strange dream to the people. Upon hearing this dream, the interpreters said, "Blessed is the one who will be born in your generation, whose followers will spread from east to west, and whose praise will be in the heavens and the earth." When he was born, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib named him Mubarak "Muhammad".

To be continued...

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Written by   35
1 month ago
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Good one

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3 weeks ago

💓💓💓 A heart without the love of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)💓 can never be called a heart. You can only say such a heart as an idle black stone.

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1 month ago

The joy of the blessed birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is so precious that every happiness in the world is before him.

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1 month ago