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Don't Reject Girls After Seeing And Testing Them

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1 month ago

A few days ago my passed mother's friend Dr. Faiza Perveen was on duty when a suicide case came up. The name of the girl who committed suicide was Aqsa and she had seen such a beautiful girl for the first time in my eight-year career and past life.

The patient was in a coma. Her parents were the ones who picked her up and took her to the hospital. The parents were also possessed of excellent personality, but at that time the daughter's actions made her condition pitiable. Seeing the helplessness of, she was feeling immense pity ...

The girl was brought to the operating theater, after the operation she was shifted to the ward and the parents were told that the girl's condition was out of danger. After finding out about the girl's well-being, the girl's father went out to distribute something among the poor. When Dr. Faiza went, she called the girl's mother to my office ...

In short, the story told by the girl's mother was something like this:

The girl's name is Aqsa and Aqsa has done textile engineering. After studying, like all parents, Aqsa's parents also wanted her to be at home, so they asked Aqsa about her choice. Like the girls, the decision was given to the parents. When the parents talked about Aqsa's relationship, a family came to see Aqsa. So after seeing the family, after benefiting from the accessories and services of a family, the women came to the room of Aqsa. Someone asked them to walk from Aqsa. They took her away and a few days later, without saying anything, they refused the relationship ...

It was the first time for Aqsa when she was rejected but the consolation of her parents encouraged Aqsa and once again the family came to see Aqsa.

He also handed it to Aqsa after he finished eating. Ordered to drink tea and asked for permission after tea. After waiting for three days, he refused to say that the girl does not like hospitality because she did not pick up the boy's mother from the table and offer tea in her hand but put on the table like ordinary guests.

At the end of this refusal, the parents were also broken inside, but they were patient, understanding the pleasure of Allah, then a new family came.

As soon as the women of this family sat down, Aqsa took off their shoes with her hands, washed their hands while sitting there, and then offered tea.

The family refused a week later, saying their daughter was possessed by demons, otherwise, where would a host come home for the first time and serve a guest so much?

In the last eight years, more than a hundred people came to see the relationship, but one or the other came out with a flaw. Yesterday, a family came. And kindly said that if you are more compelled then one of our forty-eight-year-old son who has his own shop will accept the ultimate ...

Saying this, Aqsa's mother started sobbing and said, "You are also a mother. Think how can a mother speak in front of others as much as she is compelled?"

And my daughter has been crying on my chest all day yesterday, saying, "I'm getting an older, mother, and I don't know when she decided to say goodbye to the world, because she said, ' My unfortunate shadow will also make my sister old on the doorstep of her parents ...

Dr. Faiza gave water to Aqsa's mother. Her father and the ward boy came in and told her that Aqsa had regained consciousness.

Aqsa's mother rushed to the ward with lightning. Aqsa's head was lifted and Dr. Faiza and Aqsa's father entered the room together. Aqsa's mother left her and hugged her father and sobbed. Dad, why did you save me?

Letting me die, my sinister shadow will come out of this house, then the doll will get married, otherwise, she will also become an educated old woman on your doorstep ...

Aqsa's father was silently shedding tears. When Dr. Faiza saw that the situation was getting out of control, she gave relief and injection to Aqsa and came to the office with Aqsa's parents. Dr. Faiza asked Aqsa and her younger sister for her two brothers then the eyes of Aqsa's parents suddenly started raining but this time the tears were of happiness ... ۔

Dr. Faiza's two brothers were doctors. She has told them her decision and they have accepted ..."

In the end, I beg to all people, you are marrying a woman, not a maiden. Please, before rejecting someone's daughter, put your daughter in her place and think about it. Boys are twice as likely as girls to be rejected. If any servant discusses with me in any forum of the world, I will prove that there are more faults in men than in women. Don't reject by saying, you cover the flaws of Allah's creatures, Allah will cover your flaws ...

Your flaws and denials push the girls to the grave.

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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