Amazing Information About Holy Quran!! These Calculations can surprise you!!

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Every single letter of the Quran al-Hakim fits in its place with such a great calculation and so many calculations - no writer could have imagined such a subtle calculation in such a large book. These words in brackets are an example, otherwise, the number of times each word of the Quran is used and its entire background is a vast world of knowledge and mysticism in its place.

If the word world has been used 115 times, then the word hereafter has also been used 115 times. And on this analogy.

(World and Hereafter: 115)

(Devils and Angels: 88)

(Death and Resurrection: 145)

(Benefit and corruption: 50)

(Reward season 108)

(Disbelief: 25)

(City: 12)

Because the city means a month and there are 12 months in a year (and the word day is used 360 times) in such a large book it is not up to any human writer to take care of this numerical relevance.

According to the latest research, the number 19 is involved in the protection system of the Quran al-Hakim. The credit for this astonishing discovery goes to an Egyptian doctor, Rashid Khalifa, who was a professor of chemistry at an American university.

In 1968, after he uploaded the entire Quran to a computer, he began to look for any connection between the verses of the Quran and his words and letters. Gradually, more and more people joined the research.

Even in 1972, it became a regular school. As the research work progressed, mountains of surprises fell on them step by step. Computers made up to were insufficient.

In the word of Allah, the number 19 is mentioned only in Surah Mudassir where

Allah said:

We have appointed nineteen guardian angels in Hell

What is the wisdom in this? Only God knows, but it is clear that the number 19 is related to some protection of Allah.

Then, at the beginning of each surah, the first verse of the Quran, Bismillah, is placed as if it is also related to the protection of the Quran because we see.

The total number of letters in Bismillah is only 19. Then it is even more astonishing to see that four words are used in the order in Bismillah and research on them has proved that the name is used 19 times in the whole Qur'an. Is

The word Ar-Rahman has been used 57 times which is a result of 3 × 19


The word compassion is used 114 times which is a result of 6 × 19


The word Allah is used 2699 times throughout the Qur'an. The result is 142 × 19, but there is only one remaining, which clearly means that the pure essence of Allah is not subject to any calculation, He is One.

The number of Surahs of the Holy Quran is 114 which is a result of 6 × 19

Bismillah was not revealed at the beginning of Surah Tawbah

But by revealing the complete Bismillah in Surah An-Naml verse no.30, this verified the formula of 19 If this is not happening then the arithmetic rule becomes fail.

Let us now turn to the first revelation that came to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

These are the first 5 verses of Surah-e-Alaq:

And this is where the arithmetic formula of 19 begins!

The total number of words in these 5 verses is 19

And the total number of letters in these 19 words is 76 which is exactly 4 × 19

When the total number of letters of Surah Al-Alaq was counted, the intellect was overwhelmed with wonder that its total number of letters is 304 which is 4 × 4 × 19.

And dear reader! The human sense becomes extremely surprised to know that according to the current order of the Quran Kareem the Surah-e-Alaq lies on number 96.

Now If we count from the last Surah (Al-Naas) of the Quran then from the last side the number of Surah Alaq will become 19.


If we look at the beginning of the Quran, there are 95 Surahs before this 96th Surah, which is a multiple of 5 × 19, which also proves that the sequence of Surahs back and forth is not human, but of Allah's arithmetic system. There is a part.

The last Surah to be revealed in the Quran is Surah Nasr. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Allah has maintained the system of 19 here as well. Like the first revelation, the last revelation Surah Nasr contains exactly 19 words.

Thus the first and last surahs of the Quran of Allah were revealed by the same arithmetic rule.

The total number of verses of Surah Al-Baqarah after Surah Al-Fatihah is 286. If we remove the digit "2" from 286 the value comes will be the number of Surahs those revealed in Mecca. And If we remove the digit "6" from 286 the value comes will be the number of Surahs those revealed in Medina. Add 86 to 28 then the value comes will be equal to the total number of Surahs of the Quran.

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Nice article

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2 years ago

Really this is an amazing calculation, I have never considered Quran Majeed from this mathematical angle. You have brought outstanding stuff about Quran in this beautiful article. Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of information. I hope in the future you will publish a few more articles like this one.

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2 years ago

Wow,Allah is great , I like this .keep it up

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2 years ago

Really i surprised always then i read its guides us in every problem it guides us to walk right way this is the best book book of this world very informative article

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