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A deep understanding of "Surah Al-Kahf"

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7 months ago

We consider "Surah Al-Kahf" to be only the story of the cavemen, but no one paid any attention to the real subject.

So the purpose of this Surah is to say that Allah tests people in this world with eight kinds of conditions, honor, humiliation, health, sickness, benefit, loss, happiness, sorrow.

Every servant is in one of these situations at all times. If we divide these eight, we will be divided into two situations. So Allah tests us in two situations, either good or bad.

This is a living test where we have to give two papers, one for patience and the other for gratitude.

Some points

  • At the beginning of the surah, he mentions the worship of his Prophet (peace be upon him) and concludes with his humanity.

  • For man, the greatest height in the world is worship. That is why man remembers so that the love of Allah may come into his heart. Now it is not only the coming of love that is meant, when love comes then the lover is always thinking of pleasing the beloved. And what is the pleasure of being content with the destiny of Allah, if Allah sends good circumstances, then be thankful and be patient in bad circumstances?

    When the servant attains this position of pleasure, then he attains the position of worship.

  • Allah used the word 'Abd' for his beloved.

    In the eyes of the commentators, a slave is one who sees nothing but his master. According to some, a slave is one who does not disagree with his master in any matter, is content in all circumstances, does not complain.

  • Since reciting this Surah to protect it from the Dajjal is mentioned in the hadiths. Because it saves us from it.

  • First, understand the meaning of the antichrist that it is derived from the antichrist. The antichrist is called deception and is said to be coated. Something else will happen on the inside and something else on the outside.

    In this day and age, there is such an anti-Christian civilization that it looks good from above but there is something else from within. Today there is a war of faith and materialism going on. Now at this age, if we want to save our faith, we also have to enter the cave. Yes in the cave!

  • The caves of today. If a person enters them, he can escape the temptations of the antichrist.


    He who becomes attached to the Qur'an begins to read, learn and understand it, then he too saves his religion and the Qur'an becomes a cave for him.

    Mecca and Medina

    According to the hadiths, whoever enters them will be safe from the antichrist.

    By entering them, man saves his faith and becomes safe from the antichrist. Each incident in this surah teaches us a lesson on how to protect ourselves from the Antichrist.

  • The lesson learned from the story of the Companions of the Cave is that we have to take refuge in some cave to protect our faith so that we can save our faith and be safe from the Dajjal.

  • I learned this lesson from the story of Sahib Janteen

    That he should not attribute to himself the wealth which Allah has given him, as the owner of the garden did, and he was seized and deprived of this blessing.

  • The lesson learned from the incident of Hazrat Adam (PBUH) is that this world is a permanent abode for us, our real homeland is paradise. The unfortunate devil had driven us out of our original homeland by taking small oaths. Now here too he is our enemy and makes us sin so that we will not be able to go to heaven again. May Allah protect us from evil and bring us to our real home in Paradise. Amen

  • The lesson from the incident of Moses is that no matter how much knowledge we acquire in the world, someone in the world will know more than we do.

    Man can never cover the reality of things. When we realize that we know everything, then we will be caught in the temptation of the Antichrist. Therefore, Allah narrated the story of Moses (peace be upon him) so that we do not think that we all know, but say that Allah alone knows the truth. There is more knowledge than we do not have. That is why Surah Al-Kahf protects man from the temptations of the Dajjal and builds his mind and makes such a mind that the mind of the servant becomes safe.

  • Lessons learned from the incident of Hazrat Zulqarnain

    Wherever Zul-Qarnayn went, he had no friends or relatives or acquaintances because he did not even know their language, but still, he helped them because he was for the sake of Allah. Benefited the slaves of the slaves. They did not ask him for any money etc. but when he said that we will give you money for it, he refused. Second, they enforced God's law on God's earth. When they were given the power to punish or treat the people as you wish, they called the people to Allah and used their power to enforce the law of Allah.

  • In Surah Al-Kahf, the mind of the servant was made by narrating the first five events and now in the last verses, the essence of this whole Surah is being explained which are three things:-

    1) Those who keep on making the world are, in fact, the losers. Always thinking of the world and its pleasures are the antichrist's temptation, so don't think only of the world but also think of the Hereafter.

    2) Then Allah described His attributes: If you describe the praises of your Lord and the sea becomes black and another sea is thrown into it, then you will not be able to praise your Lord.

    3) In the end, he said that whoever wants to see his Lord, which is the greatest and the greatest blessing, what is the way to do that the person who works only for the pleasure of Allah and the Holy Prophet and who Allah will grant him His vision.

    May Allah grant us His vision too.

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Written by   39
7 months ago
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