Is it True Dogecoin smart contracts are coming? Doge future and price prediction

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Dogecoin Smart Contracts are Coming!

In this Article I’ll Explain Everything and We'll also discuss current doge price and future Dogecoin expert price predictions!

If you guys just take a look at the top 10 Cryptocurrencies with the high volume and market cap, each one crypto currency  has an interesting and unique use case. Ethereum which is one of the popular currency and is dominating the market after Bitcoin.

One of the important  reason behind Ethereum popularity is that it supports smart contracts which allows developers to build and launch their projects including Defi’s, Dex, NFTs and Tokens on Ethereum Network with very little efforts.

But recently Ethereun network transaction went too much and even Network become unusable for low budget investors. Because of High Ethereum Network Gas fees and low transaction speed many other cryptocurrencies projects that support smart contracts including Polkadot, Tron and BNB, now got the attention of both investors and developers. One of the biggest argument that every Dogecoin hater give is that it has no use-case.

But now we have confirmed news from one of the leading Dogecoin developers Ross Nicoll that Dogecoin Smart Contracts are coming.

According to Dogecoin (@investments-CEO), Twitter handle “SMART Contracts are on the way for Doge”.

The same news also shared by Matt Wallace on it Twitter handle.

On May 18th 7:13 AM tweeted that “Dogecoin is the future!

Then on 9:21 AM 18Th May he tweeted that “Big Announcement for Dogecoin from Dogecoin developers is on Final stand tonight!

After this On 10:23 AM May 18th he tweeted that “DogeArmy this is the big tweet we have been waiting for!

Huge announcement of Dogecoin Smart Contracts now coming.”

The same news also shared David Gokhstein with his follower on twitter and tweeted that “Doge getting smart Contracts…..”

Still this news is not confirmed by Dogecoin Official Twitter or any other Account.

Now Lets Talk about How Much this Impact Dogecoin Price


This will happen for sure.

when it happens. we’re pretty sure Dogecoin will do 2x to 3x much better than What other Smart Contracts Cryptocurrencies are doing  right now in the market. Recently because of Ethereum Network Conjunction and high fees people started using  Ethereum alternatives like BNB, Polkadot and many others and all coins price went up massively especially BNB, So We believe that  Dogecoin will do the same and the price of it will go beyond our expectations. Well Currently Ethereum Developers are also working on Eth 2.0 upgrade that will speed up the process of transaction and lower the transaction speed. Basically they are working on replacing the Proof of work with proof of stake on ETH chain.

But keep in mond that Doge has inflationary nature and due to it's inflationary nature it's supply will increase over time.

But recently DogeLabs announced that they are working on Creating Doge burn wallet that will help reduce Doge supply and decrease the impact of Doge inflationary nature.

Due to Celebrity enforcement the hype will remain till by the end of this year and even in next year Cause Doge-1 mission to the moon powered by spaceX will launch in next year!

Not only this Dogecoin is almost available on every exchange and it is also  one of the oldest and cheapest coins with the highest volume out there in the Crypto Industry. We believe Dogecoin Mass Adoption will start right after the announcement will be made publicly by the dogecoin developers. Well Rosss Nicoll is Core Doge Developers So we can expect Doge Smart Contracts sometime in future!

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