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Student Platform is a decentralized Blockchain network that allows users to create, manage and develop their own tokens NFTS AND Defi Token. The Student Coin Platform is founded by Wojciech(CEO and founder of Student Coin) in 2017. The main idea behind the creation of the Student Coin Platform is to put the blockchain and tokens into the mainstream.

The Student Coin Platform is run by students. Student Platform is also the first Cryptocurrency platform that is directly related to Universities. Student Token is backed by more than 20 Universities worldwide including Harvard University, New York University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, and the Imperial College. The Student Coin is the only Project that directly targets not only Crypto Investors, but also attracts students and educates them about the blockchain, and allows them to learn about cryptocurrency, and allows them to trade in Crypto. You can Check More about Student Coin Platform by reading  White Paper.

STC Token

STC Token is the native token of the Student Coin Platform. STC token will serve as a utility token for Student Coin Platform and can be used to the amenities of the blockchain and tokenization. The main purpose behind the creation of the STC token is to serve as a reference currency for all the tokens ever created at the STC terminal.

STC token is trading between $0.023-0.024

The student Token have total Supplies of around 2,100,000,000 STC token While the max supplies of STC token are 10,000,000,000 STC.

STC is already listed on different exchanges such as on CoinTiger and CoinBase. You can also Buy STC tokens on UniswapV2 at the current Price.


STC token will serve as a staking option for investors on the exchange. STC staking will allow Stakers and holders to Generate passive income by staking and holding STC tokens on Student Coin Exchange. Investors will receive a part of the Income generated from fees, trading, and crowdfunding on the Student Coin exchange.

Ecosystem Governing

STC token will serve as a Governance token for Student Coin Ecosystem. This feature will allow STC holders to Vote for the project development. It In-Powers the STC holders to Implement what Next they want in Student Coin Ecosystem. This future will lead Student Coin Platform in Right Direction.

STC Terminal

STC terminal will allow Users, startups, and organizations to create their own tokens with the STC Terminal without the knowledge of programming. The Token Will be build under the Etherium Blockchain Network and can be imported in STC exchange and managed with STC terminal.

Upcoming Events

Major Exchange Listings

According to the roadmap of the Student Coin Platform. STC will go live on major Exchanges in the Second Quarter of 2021.

STC Exchange Launching/STC Terminal and Public App

In the third Quarter of 2021, STC Exchange will go live. When the STC exchange will go live they also launch the STC terminal. With the help of the STC terminal, People and organizations can be able to create and launch their own tokens on the STC exchange. In the third Quarter of 2021, the Public App of STC will go live. With these Upcoming Events Price of STC will increase in no time.

Student Coin Current Figures


According to the CoinMarketCap/ Coingecko live Price STC is currently Trading between $0.010-0.025 with the Current Market Cap of not available. While the current market rank of STC Token is #414.


Closing Words

Student Coin Platform is quite unique Platform in the Crypto Industry and young people are dominating the World and this kinda Platform is pretty good for needy Students. We’re Pretty Sure Student Coin Platform will Help Many Students to Complete their Study and achieve their dreams What they want to achieve. As We told you at the start Student Coin Platform is already associated with many universities. So we’re pretty sure in Future Student Coin Platform has potential higher level in Crypto industry.

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