What is Anxiety and its Symptoms and Treatment

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It is a very common phenomena in our society and there are a huge number of people who are facing anxiety. By definition, Anxiety actually is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. But I think anxiety is something else which is worse than just a feeling of discomfort because it directly influences your health.

Anxiety is a medical terminology and it is normal behavior of our body up to a certain limit. For example you are walking along the road and suddenly a wild animal attacks you and because of fear of being eaten by that animal you will feel anxiety. You can understand this by another example, you have given your final exams and you did not perform well in your exams and you are awaiting your result and meanwhile you are thinking that you would not be able to get admission in a reputed institute because your result would not be good. Anything which is fearful for you and you start feeling unsafe comes under anxiety. GOD has given a sympathetic system in our body which automatically gets stimulated and all energies of our body gets gathered to fight against that fear. Till now it is absolutely normal.

Now I will tell you when your anxiety crosses the normal limits. Sometimes this anxiety crosses its limit and becomes dangerous for our health. Anxiety comes when a person starts thinking that his physical and emotional atmosphere is unsafe. He might have fear about his feelings or position and that fear continuously damages his mental health. In this situation, if the fear and feeling of un-safeness is just his illusion then he will get anxiety. For example, if a person locks himself in a room and thinks that he will die because he is feeling unsafe. In this situation he will embrace anxiety but in reality, we all know that being in a room alone is not meant to die. At this moment, anxiety becomes a disease because it has crossed its limit.

Now a question might come into your brain: what are the indications of normal or abnormal anxiety? There are some physical indications like your heart beat will get fast. Sometimes your hands will start shivering and sometimes you might sweat. Moreover you might have a panic attack which is really dangerous for your health. Gradually the patient starts to avoid those situations and places where he feels unsafe and eventually the universe starts getting shorter for him. When he does more and more practice of anxiety, his sleep gets disturbed, his eating habits gets disturbed. He will not go to his office and avoid his work. He will lose his interest in his business and will make wrong decisions.

To overcome this disease, you need to see a clinical psychologist and he will decide whether you need a psychiatrist or not. Sometimes, a patient can defeat his anxiety by taking some verbal instruction from the doctor but sometimes medicine is recommended by doctors in order to heal your mental health. I will tell you some tips to prevent yourself from anxiety if it has not achieved its peak. In reality, it is just a matter of making yourself understood. You just need to train your mind so that you can get rid of your unrealistic fear.

Don’t allow yourself to be dominated by anxiety all the time. Try to continue your other activities normally. Always take care of your sleep, appetite, exercise and relation with your loved ones. By doing this, after some time a positive change will come in your life and this positivity will defeat anxiety. Secondly, meditation is the best way to mitigate your anxiety. Try to make yourself understood about all those things which scare you that these are not as dangerous as you think. Always ask you one question: why am I under a lot of pressure for those things which are not really harmful. Thirdly, don’t avoid those situations in which you feel anxiety and the best solution is, try these things at least once. When you will try, it might be possible you stop hating these things. For instance, if you feel unsafe while seeing cats, try to touch cats so that you can experience what maximum can happen.

Those who are facing anxiety, follow above tips. I am sure you will defeat anxiety and start living a happy life.

Thank you

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