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Get your Bearings - Premise


Next on our agenda is another mobile app called Premise, that turned out to be the most balanced and predictable source of my side-hustle income so far. UI is slick, payout is easy and consistent and  - the CEO - is a total badass:

 Dude’s served as a Field Artillery Officer in the ‘90s and does Marathon's and Ironman's in his free time! Makes you rethink your potential, am I right!?

ANYWAYS, let’s see what Premise’s vision as a company is about. They would like to introduce a new concept but in my opinion it is more reasonable to say it’s merely a different terminology:

“If crowdsourcing is defined as “the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the internet,” then crowd empowerment is defined as “the practice of tapping into the collective intelligence of millions of individuals, their communities and organizations in order to output shared knowledge that serves to better our world.”  - source cited at the end.


Be my guest and decipher the layers of meaning in these sentences and DrOp A cOMmEnT dOWn bEloW.


Whether it’s crowdsourcing or crowd empowerment the App itself is great! Here’s how you earn:


Every morning you check the available places of interest in your area that the app rewards you to visit. These can be Restaurants, Fuel Stations, Museums, Churches, Schools, Universities, Pharmacies, Libraries, Subway and Bus Stations and so on. The best part is that they only list facilities in general not like specific ones, so you are free to decide what tasks are comfortable for you to take.


You reserve the objective and get 8 hours to complete. No penalties or hard feelings if you forget to complete them. They just expire and you and Premise stay the best buddies as you have always been. 


You don’t even have to actually try the services or be awkward taking sneaky pictures in a Mosque or a 7-Eleven. You basically take a pic of the facade and the sign of the shop and that's it. You will get a few questions on whether you have visited the place or if you were satisfied with the services they provide and off you go for your next destination. 




It takes around a day to have your submission verified and you get rewarded in your local currency immediately. It really is hard to mess up, maybe if your phone is from the Stone Age or you start submitting blurry entries in the dead of the night. 


There are two channels to cash out: either via Paypal or Coinbase which is just the cherry on top to be honest.


What an opportunity to start your crypto journey or pay for your fees this way! In my region you usually earn around 20 cents for each submission, that means if you are like me, and live in an area that is rich in sights you can easily get around 2 dollars/day. Combining this with the SweatCoin (psst, hey! here’s my review on that: you will have a nice - and financially lucrative - outset to kickstart the day just by walking around and earning with your furry friend. Not that one. Obviously.


At this point it might be wise for you to ask how this is worth it for the creators at Premise. Am I being exploited again? Fair point, you need to be cautious. 


But let me assure you, there is no need to worry as the project checks out from the economic point of view as well, as the type and amount of data that you willingly provide can (and will) be sold for research purposes. You have an option to take (really) short surveys that try to map your accessibility to basic resources and services like electricity and clean water, your preferred source of information, your communities behavior towards minorities etc. Naturally these few minute questionnaires won’t provide representative data but are still enough to monitor a wider geographical region. 


To sum up, Premise is the most straightforward and least deceptive app so far, with great design and genuine goals. My overall score is 9/10 only because while there has never been any hiccups with PayPal withdrawal Coinbase tends to act up and customer service is faaaar from effective to say the least. C’mon Maury you can do better than this! 


No referrals this time just visit the official link and try the app:





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