This is the future of Bitcoin cash, according to me.

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Bitcoin cash is a project that does not distinguish between people, regardless of their knowledge, economic position, nationality, language or anything other than if it can influence many other projects.

Has proven to be able to break down big barriers, which very few cryptos have achieved.

For me, the future of BCH is as bright as the sun, the mechanisms provided by bitcoin cash give endless opportunities to those who are part of it, becoming not only an efficient payment system, but a super profitable investment.

Super fast transactions, super small commissions compared to the gigantic other cryptos like BTC, BCH today proves that it is the real Bitcoin, carrying with it endless tools with which every day makes its way enormously.

Today bitcoin cash is a solution has big problems, especially in those countries where financial institutions limit and squeeze the population, profiting at the ribs of others, while their currencies fall more and more.

My vision is of bitcoin cash present in each space, in every large or small trade, providing versatility and opportunities to each of its users, becoming so everyday that even to pay a few vegetables you can use it as easily as possible.

With large companies investing their assets in BCH due to their high profitability, universities, academies, entertainment centers such as bars or nightclubs, all operating together a chain of commerce created in BCH.

Just thinking about it is exciting to think so many things that are just around the corner, to end a financial system set up to take advantage of others, to remove the blindfold to a world from which they have long taken advantage.

Bitcoin cash has a much bigger future than we've seen so far, there's only more to keep trusting, continuing to work and continuing to support this project.

Bitcoin cash is the future, Bitcoin cash is the real BITCOIN.

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