Bitcoin cash changed my life.

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3 years ago

Many times we simply see no beyond our borders of life, our achievements, our lives, which often makes us blind even when we can see.

The impact bitcoin cash has had has been huge on the lives of many people, including mine, a story I come to tell you today.

I'm just a 21-year-old, even with a lot to live on and a lot of inexperience, but my love for the information world has allowed me to outdo myself and my family.

At the age of only 18 I had my son, which totally changed my life and according to the world I put many limitations, my future had been settled by society, however for me it did not look like this, I knew that I could still overcome myself and achieve great things, which I gradually proved.

I knew bitcoin cash at 19, at first I did not understand it very well but that did not stop me, I decided to investigate and see a lot of information until I could nurture this, after this I made my first investment, which were the savings of several years of my life, I must say that I was very afraid, it was possible that I lost everything , but it was definitely the best decision of my life.

Through my knowledge and the help of many users of this community, I have managed to grow not only economically, but also as a person, what I have learned in this project has been fantastic, the people I have met have been of another level, without a doubt today I find myself achieving my goals more and more quickly, my life and that of my family has improved on a large scale.

Today, bitcoin cash is my main and only source of income, all this through a lot of work and effort, being part of several projects within it, such as,, among many other platforms that give us the opportunity to grow in this community.

without a doubt the big difference of bch with the other cryptos, is that bitcoin cash is giving the world the opportunity to be part of it, to join its growth, its adoption is really unique and true.

Thousands of lives are being changed, just by seeing several articles here at we can check it out, my life changed and I can never finish thanking you, but if I know this is a project with a gigantic future

Bitcoin cash is more than an idea, bitcoin cash is the manifestation of what was actually sought with bitcoin, BCH ES BITCOIN.

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Awesome ....... You get a tip for your son 😊😏🕉️♾️

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