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Chalk lakes of Belarus! Belarusian " Maldives"

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The chalk quarries are very similar in their beauty and extremely picturesque landscapes to the famous Maldives, and in recent years they have become a very popular holiday destination for Belarusians, local divers, photographers and tourists.

The chalk quarries of Belarus are exotic places that do not fit their beauty into the usual classic Belarus. The lakes filled with turquoise water will not leave you indifferent, and the white chalk shore will make you feel like a tourist somewhere in a European resort. Many lakes are surrounded by trees, and the surrounding fields are covered with green grass. The water in the reservoirs is clear, azure. Everyone who has visited the chalk lakes at least once in their life was fascinated by the beauty created by the hands of man and nature.

Career formation

Chalk quarries in Belarus are natural objects formed as a result of chalk mining. They reach 50 meters in depth. The quarries are filled with ground and rainwater. Each such artificial lake has its own color: bright blue or green-blue. This color scheme appeared thanks to the minerals and chemical compounds contained in the water. The shores of such lakes are steep, covered with dense vegetation, but have the property of collapsing, so it is forbidden to swim there, but some daredevils sometimes allow themselves to swim in such a lake, referring to the fact that the water density is higher than in ordinary reservoirs, and the risk of drowning is minimal. But there is an opportunity to find a more or less suitable beach for swimming. Although do not forget that if the water is up to your ankles – this does not mean that after 1-2 meters you will not stumble on a cliff, besides, there is a lot of silicon at the bottom, which can hurt you.

Cultural events

By mid-July, the water already has time to warm up to 18-20 degrees, and on hot days and up to + 25, it is during this period that it is not crowded, people go with whole families. The oldest flint mines in Belarus are located nearby, but it is not recommended to go there – it is absolutely not safe. Belarusian artists come here to shoot a video, and photographers-to enjoy the local landscape and take unique pictures, because the nature in these places is no worse than expensive resorts, and it will be much cheaper.

Area, depth

Chalk and silicon are extracted in industrial developments at a depth of 10-15 to 50 m. The length of the quarry stretched for several kilometers. In total, there are more than a hundred different quarries of different ages and sizes, which occupy a huge territory. Many reservoirs have historical cavities and deep depressions at their bottom, which diving enthusiasts will be happy to explore.

Fossils of chalk quarries in Belarus

The extraction of high-quality chalk and silicon rocks has been carried out in these places for more than a hundred years. Local minerals are used for the production of lime, cement and building mixes, which are produced in huge quantities by the building materials plant.

Why does the water in the quarries have a rich color?

Chalk quarries remain abandoned after mining and are gradually filled with water.

When mixed with chalk residues and sediments, a partial dissolution of calcium salts occurs, as a result of which the water-chalk suspension acquires an unusually bright turquoise or emerald hue, which in combination with the snow-white steep banks creates an unreal landscape of fantastic beauty. There is an opinion among the people that the shade of water is provided by the copper sulfate contained in it, but it is not confirmed by anything.

The azure color of the water is observed only in clear sunny weather. On a cloudy day, the lakes do not look at all impressive. Over time, this effect completely passes, and the water gradually becomes a completely normal color.

Is it safe to stay in the "Belarusian Maldives"?

The chalk quarries are an industrial area, with warning signs and anti-swimming signs on the way. Banks to reservoirs with rather steep slopes, have slippery surfaces and are prone to landslides.

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Topics: Information, Mining
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