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The other side of uncertainty( Fear)

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4 months ago

Here's is a big question for us all. Why are we so afraid to walk through it?

We always sense the fear of uncertainties

Before starting I want you to picture a crucial moment in your life. When you didn't know what the outcome was going to be like. Then, I ask you this: what do you feel?, How do you feel when not having any sense of certainty about the consequences that are out of your control? And the most likely answer is the sense of fear.

"FEAR" is the only thing that keeps us away from doing what we really want to do.

"Oh no, I will not text that girl because what will go after she texts me back?"

"Mnnn.., I should not go to the party because what if I don't fit in?"

"I really should not go after that job, I will probably not like it even though right now I deeply desire it".

You can analyse these there scenerios and you will find out that fear can be categorized into different sections. Fear of rejection, fear of belonging, fear of failing. And the curious thing about this is that each of these fear in rooted in3a bigger fear that many of us are not even aware of. The fear of the "UNKNOWN"

The fear of uncertainties, why does it have such a strong influence on our body.

What our mind does when we face a moment that we really don't know where it's going to end, is that it creates that's story in our mind or makes us have feelings that wants to be a key part of our decision making. The ego is being threatened by exposing ourselves to the unknown. The ego says: "What are you doing"? This decision may bring you to somewhere you don't want to be. No no, pull off, don't do it. This thing may happen to you if you do it, yes you will regret it, "stop now"etc....

This ego will do everything in its power to convince yourself that what you're pursing with such passion is dangerous. But you will realize that in your end, you were never in danger. It's the ego that's so full of fear that, if you come to make that decision about the thing you really want, it will cease to exist. It will stop having such power over you and your decisions.

It will give you that you've always been looking for everywhere, and it's was always inside of you. Once you decide to listen to your heart more than your mind, it will be a game changer.

I can't assure of failure, but you have too embrace it. In contrast to what other people think, failure is one big step further towards success. Do you have the fear of failure?. Good that means the thing you're about to do is worth risking.

Fear isn't going anywhere, it's not a thing you can master at it's fullest and just never be fearful over something. We are human beings and we always are in the face of failure. That's why it's important that we take a different approach to it. Failure is such as beautiful as succeeding. Once you start taking the lessons only failure can give you, you will start seeing it as a wise friend, not your enemy.

That should teach you that fear is worth accepting. If you feel fear over someone or something, that means you're on the right path

That mindset you break you free from the false stories and sensations your ego uses to try and win you over. You will be conscious of you own automatic self-defense mechanisms, and that will give you clarity on your next move.

Fear will become a partner in determining what are the good things, instead of pushing you away from them. Your body is a strong and wise tool, use it in your favor.

  • I hope you learned something new today or just helped you to see a different perspective on life.

    Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you a lot and I would love to read to thoughts on this in the comments. Make sure you read my other articles in my profile and share them with others, it might help them too.

  • Good luck to y'all. We will see each other in my next post! Until then, thanks for taking your time to read this. GRACIAS.....

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Written by   17
4 months ago
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A high sense of selfishness often makes our minds disturbed and feel extraordinary fear, this is what causes us to stop our activities. even if it's just a feeling, if we are not selfish we will still be able to carry out normal activities without excessive fear.

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4 months ago

It isn't failure that kills but fear, a lot of people are held back due to fear.

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4 months ago