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Do you make life harder?

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3 months ago

Life is difficult, but there's a strong possibility that you are making it more difficult for ourselves than necessary.

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So do you enjoy a new challenge? When you notice an issue has to be tackled, your energy levels react. You want nothing more than to leap forward and ensure the problem is put into the ground like a lion puts down it's prey. After time, it ceases to be enjoyable and begins to resemble hard work. You're wondering what you got yourself into.

We don't always want to find the simplest solution to an issue. We want to toil and strive in order to feel as though we have earned something. Otherwise, we do not value the accomplishment.

While this helps us get through difficult times, the issue emerges when you apply this mentally to everything. Some tasks are not worthy the effort. Others are more rapidly accomplished. Just like a saying from Bob:

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ruts, do not complicate your mind, flee from hate and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your visions to reality. Then wake up and live"_ Bob Marley.

Life meanings are all explained right here is Bob's quote. Life does not have to be a constant battle all times. There's sometimes a better, simpler way. Here are just four ways you can make life more difficult than it has to be:

Thinking hard work equals to productivity.

We always think being busy is a good thing. Time spent on an activity is usually thought to have a linear connection with output. But the question is if spending more time on something produces greater results. Then ask yourself, what's the aim of doing this? while you are working on a task. Being clear on your goal allows you to see the big picture and strive towards it otherwise you will end up working in vain i.e less achieving insufficient required results.

Believing that asking for help from others is a sign of weakness.

Hell no! Don't trust someone who says: I made it all my own. The person may not be purposefully deceptive, but we all get assistance in some kind. It might be kind advice from someone who has been there or a concept generated by a predecessor.

We all need to rely on others in some way.

Performing actions for the approval of others.

People will condemn you if you donate to a charitable cause. Create a product and others will bring out all of it's flaws. When you start getting in shape, people will likewise tell you that you should love yourself the way you are.

When you do things for people's approval, you lose to who you are. Conforming to other people's expectations forces you to become someone you don't want to be. You eventually become a hollow replica of yourself, living a life constructed by others.

Devoting your energy to something over which you don't have control.

When you wait for someone to select you for a random incident to change your life, you're simply channeling your energy into useless emotions and ideas. Instead of wasting time worrying, analyzing or blaming others, concentrate on what your can accomplish.

Make an effort to better yourself. Examine the available opportunities. When you begin to focus on what you can manage, you can open yourself up to new possibilities.

Brief conclusion:

When you grab the reins and determine where you want to go , life gets simpler. That's just it, nothing more!!!

Thanks to y'all for creating time to check on my article. I owe you all a lot

Author: @alex452

See y'all in my next article. Until then, thanks for reading.

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Written by   17
3 months ago
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