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Do you invest or gamble?

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2 months ago
8th of June, 2022.

I noticed in today's digital world that it's no easier than ever to get into market. Everyday, there is a new app coming out , a new crypto and a new article about someone who made it rich.

But how did they get rich? Is it the right investment you can get lured into?

Do we ever save for a day or we get rolled into the market?

The real answer depends on you.......

No two people are alike and no two people have the same condition or wants. One man's advice is another man's downfall. The point is to know how to decide for yourself.

I believe everyone should invest because savings rate are horrid. But I believe everyone should invest differently.

What do you like? What are your interests? Do you have a favorite hobby?

Do you love gadgets or have a favorite brand? Do you enjoy cooking but ain't very good?

Do you believe in your youths and mentoring young adolescents?

There are variety ways to invest our resources at our disposal.

If you believe in taking care of animals, you can invest your time in a shelter ensuring more animals are saved.

If you always wanted to learn a different language, you can invest more in your education by taking a class. What better investment exists asides this?

If you enjoy a Pepsi product or other materials, you could invest in these companies to ensure the future of their production and a sense of pride.

But when does investment becomes gambling?

When you do it for extrinsic gains.

When you invest in Game shop on the edge of bankruptcy because Reddit told you so. Also when you invest in the top of sole top spokesperson or stock trader. When you take a student loan for a degree you don't need from a school you can't afford because society of your parents told you so.

"Investments are supposed to bring you value not validation."

Before you attempt to invest, ask yourself why. What am I doing this for? What's my goal and what are the odds it would bring me closer to?

If you're not thinking of those things beforehand, then you're not investing. If you are following anyone's guidance but not your own, you are not investing. If you are trying to play with money just to get rich, it's pretty clear you're gambling.

We all fall victim to our own securities at times. We start out with good intentions and mean well but our intention is misguided. With all of those access and how easy it is today. It can just take a little extra time to make better choices.

Always make wise choices, make great investments and get all of the wealth you desire just make sure it's an investment and something you value after all, it's your money.

Invest on right purposes now so you won't end up regretting you've been gambling all these while.

I hope this article of mine does good to us all. Don't forget to meditate and put them into action.

See y'all later in my next article!!!!

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Written by   17
2 months ago
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