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“Skelotoland” - The Fantastic World of Skeletons.

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4 months ago

Some time ago I enjoyed being alone with my daughter and we went to the Zoo.

She was ecstatic because she was going to see the animals and I was curious because i was going to see what remnant of them.
In fact, I love animals, but I don't like to see them caged, and even she, though she loves to be there looking at all their movements and behaviors, has developed enough perception to realize that Zoo is not a natural environment to them and somehow there is a lot of sadness in their eyes :(
After the visit by the zoo we went straight to the exhibition hall where skeletons were installed :)

“Skelotoland” - The Fantastic World of Skeletons.

This exhibition aims to educate, raise awareness and develop sustainable values, attitudes and behaviors in favor of nature and biodiversity through a pedagogical program based on the study of bone structure that constitutes the support of the animal body with all its differences and particularities.

The exhibition is located at "Zoo da Maia" in Portugal and features 41 species of skeletons, including mammals, birds and reptiles.
Most of the animal skeletons are from the Zoo itself, which after necropsy were prepared by the Department of Zootechnics "Anatomical Technique Service" from University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

The pedagogical nature of this exhibition allows us to deepen our understanding about the differences and particularities of different species and thus enhance their preservation.
Of course I had to take some pictures, not all the 41 skeletons, but at least half of them ;)

Here they are:

Boa Constrictor | Alligator mississippiensis
Different bird species
Rasian Green Woodpecker
Ion Crow | Corvus corone
European Pond Turtle | Emys orbicularis
Red Junglefowl | Gallus gallus domesticus
Partridge | Alectoris rufa
Red-crowned Crane | Grus japonensis
Montagu´s Harrier | Circus pygargus
Griffon Vulture | Gyps fulvus
Eurasian Badger | Meles meles
Red Fox | Vulpes vulpes
Wild Cat | Felis silvestris
Angolan Colobus | Colobus angolensis

And to finish, the crown jewel of this exhibition

Hippopotamus amphibius

My daughter was absolutely fascinated by the imposing carcass of the hippo.
It was fascinating to see closely the complexity of all these structures.
It was indeed a very pedagogical evening.

Is everythig for today
see you around ;)

Thank you

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Written by   17
4 months ago
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this is amazing honestly! i love the idea, thank you for sharing this my friend :D

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4 weeks ago

I like it

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4 months ago

i´m glad you like it :)

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4 months ago

Wow! This is pretty cool!

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4 months ago

Exactly the same as I thought when I saw this installation :P

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4 months ago