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What is BitCash?

By combining the advantages of cryptocurrency (speed, privacy, decentralization, low fees) with traditional fiat banking systems (transaction records, account names, electronic statements, accounting software integration) BitCash is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency designed to facilitate real world trade between consumers and merchants with a goal of becoming the world’s most used cryptocurrency.

BitCash can be sent to anyone, on Twitter using only their Twitter handle. Gone are the days of having to send and receive complex cryptocurrency addresses just to send someone cryptocurrency - and even though BitCash already has easy to use nicknames, we’ve taken it a step further so now all you need is anyone’s Twitter handle and you can instantly send them BitCash.

The community’s goal with BitCash as we’ve communicated consistently is mass adoption and ease of use. We feel that this takes BitCash a step further in making it seamless for anyone to send and receive cryptocurrency in seconds.

Want to tip your favourite Twitter celebrity? Maybe accept payment for a retweet to your followers, or even run a competition on Twitter. The potential is only limited by your creativity and we’re excited to see what the community does with this new feature.


PeerQ - Platform that rewards users in BitCash

Simply put, PeerQ is a platform that rewards users for sharing knowledge. Users ask questions, offer bounties, provide answers, and complete tasks to earn BitCash.

PeerQ also creates a peer-to-peer knowledge economy. It incentivizes participation, rewards the best answers, and provides real-world utility for the BitCash cryptocurrency.

As well as crowd-sourcing answers to their most urgent questions, users can also post tasks to complete. This ranges from sharing social media posts, subscribing to channels, or creating brand new content.


Bitcash users all over the world has been given the opportunity to earn and receive some token, through playing of games and downloading of apps.

So one of the app which where created to actualize that. "Free bitcoin"..this app, your earn by spinning of numbers,taking survey, downloading of apps. Legit


A platform that helps users to earn bitcash by posting of articles,which they are rewarded by what is called " tip".which is converted to value by sharing with other users.which is called tipping.


A social media redefined platform that helps users to earn bitcash by writing of articles,which can attract sponsors to them ,and allow them earn big at the end of the month

Earning bitcash can be easy, just make yourself hardworking..

The sky will be your limit...

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