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Synthetic assets arrive on EOS

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2 years ago

Yesterday the Organix website and platform was officially launched, a platform and protocol to create synthetic assets overcollateralizing the position with OGX tokens, and at the same time airdrop was launched:

We are talking about the first platform of this kind on the EOS blockchain, in fact a similar platform is on Ethereum thanks to Synthetix and on Tron thanks to Oikos (which has recently introduced also ChainLink), and so it reflects its functioning, that is to create synthetic assets like other crypto, commodities, fiat currencies, indices and so on and all this by putting as collateral, overcollaterally, the OGX token.

In this case we are at the last stages before the project starts definitively and in fact the launch of the site is only the first step before opening the mint and exchange section and then be able to exchange tokens within the platform itself without leaving the same, everything is scheduled for this November but from next month will start the test phase and everyone can test it.

Just to encourage users and bring attention to this protocol have decided to launch an airdrop program for everyone, divided between those who own the TokenPocket token (TPT), we speak of owning at least 100 thousand TPT about 55 EOS at the current exchange, while the other part will be distributed to those who participate in various social media such as Twitter and Telegram, so as to allow even those users who do not want to buy a dedicated token, in fact will allocate a total of 6 million tokens for this airdrop.

This protocol is part of a macro area of decentralized finance (DeFi) which is that of derivatives in which we find not only platforms like this but also those that also deal with market forecasting such as PredIQt of Everipedia that announced that it will use it to expand its product offering in this area.

Thanks to this product now all the macro areas of DeFi are covered, that are decentralized exchange (DEX) like NewDex, lending and borrowing protocols like the one of Equilibrium, now derivatives, then we also have the one related to payments/assets thanks to pTokens and pBTC and let's not forget that there are also options on EOS.

Now the gap with the Ethereum blockchain has completely closed and we find the same tools but with an advantage related to fees not indifferent since on Ethereum are continuing to increase and forcing many people not to move small amounts as it would be too expensive, while instead on EOS are non-existent, a feature that could push many to use this blockchain and start to exploit all the positive sides.

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Written by   15
2 years ago
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