Black Cobra Snake

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2 years ago

When Turkhan closed the shop and went home, a black cobra snake wandered into his workshop. Apparently there was nothing of interest to Nag here, but he was still looking from side to side and from top to bottom when his torso was hit by a saw lying there and he was slightly injured.

In panic, the snake turned and struck the saw with full force. The ding pressed hard on the steel saw, which was supposed to spoil the saw.

This time, in arrogance and arrogance, the snake, according to his thinking, wrapped around the saw, tied it and tried its best to suffocate it.

The next day, when Turkhan opened the workshop, he found a dead snake wrapped around a saw, which, for no other reason, was merely a matter of rage and anger.

Even if the story is not lively, some good things can be learned from it:

Sometimes in anger we try to hurt others, but over time we realize that we have done more harm to ourselves.

Sometimes we have to live a good life

Some things

To some people

To some accidents

Some work

Some things

Should be ignored.

Make a habit of ignoring yourself intelligently, we don't have to react to every action. Some of our reactions will not only harm us but may even take our lives.

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