8 principles to make a good impression at first sight

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Many people think that following the rules of etiquette is just the cloak of government officials and the royal family. But in fact, when someone meets another person, he is unknowingly attracting their attention. And in that case, if your impression is wrong on others

No good A good impression can be made by taking care of these etiquettes.

Are you a good listener? In order to participate properly in any conversation, it is very important to listen to the conversation carefully. It feels great when you listen to your listener carefully. Even if you are not interested in this conversation, listen carefully instead of paying attention. This will make a great impression on you.

Balancing the conversation There are some topics in the conversation that you can only share with close friends. It would not be right to tell every other person what is wrong with you or what is going on in your personal life.

Unnecessary openness in conversation can make the person in front feel uncomfortable. Excessive use of perfume You may also be one of those people who think that if you do not use too much perfume, you will not smell good. Will But in fact the principles of etiquette are against it. According to one hypothesis, the scent of your perfume should be limited to 'St. Circle', an imaginary circle. And other people can only smell after entering this circle.

Don't put your bag on the table. If you go to someone's restaurant, make sure you have a big bag on the ground. Also avoid sitting on a lap or other chair.

Only a small purse can be placed on the table. Do not completely eliminate alcohol or food. Any noise in food or drink can annoy others. Not only will this fill your stomach badly but it will also make you feel bad about the people around you.

How to meet people in a public place Whenever you meet a person of the opposite sex, be very moderate.

Especiall when he is with someone else. Even if you know it very well, it is not. Just greet with a mouth or a nod. No one will be harmed in this way.

Gentleness in attitude According to the principles of etiquette, gentleness in speech and attitude is considered to be a matter of very good morals. When meeting an unknown person, keep your voice and attitude soft and speak politely, whether they are older or younger than you.

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