What we need to do protect ourselves from the corono virus

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At present, the name of the virus that has invaded almost all the countries is Corona virus or Covid 19. Almost all of us are familiar with this virus because it has spread to almost every country in the world. Since we know that no vaccine has yet been discovered for this virus, we need to be aware of ourselves to protect ourselves from this virus. Below I will try to explain how to get rid of this virus through discussion.

.1 / Maintaining distance: We all know that this virus is contagious so we have to keep ourselves completely separate from everyone. We need to stop going to places where there are more people. You have to keep your sons and daughters at home. .If one person is infected, everyone in the family is likely to be infected.

2 / Staying clean: It is very important for us to stay clean to get rid of this virus. Because we all know that germs are caused by dirty environment. Everyone needs to keep an eye on this.3 / Use of masks, gloves, hand sanitary and necessary items: When we go out of the house, we must wear masks, gloves and other things so that the corona virus does not attack usEveryone has to take care.Because the virus is contagious, it can enter our body through the air.

4 / Area Lockdown: We all know that this virus can easily enter from one person to another. So we have to make sure that no one from far away or strangers can enter the area. Because someone you don't know may have corona in their body

.5 / Doctor's advice: If you see the goal of corona in your body, you should consult a doctor immediately. If necessary, drink plenty of hot water or I will take medicine according to the doctor's advice ...

I will not write today. I am ending here. Thank you all.

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Coronavirus is a dangerous virus for us. We should wash our hands at least 20 second with hand sanitizer to protect us from coronavirus.

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