"This is a well done work" reactions on NAF deployment

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The deployment of Special Forces to Southern Kaduna by the Nigerian Air Force yesterday has continued to attract a plethora of reactions from Nigerians, as people have taken to social media to pray for the deployed military men, and wish them well. Others also used the opportunity to express their minds, and commend the federal government for the military intervention in the region.

The announcement was made by the Nigerian Air Force Headquarters through their official Twitter and Facebook accounts, with pictorial proofs to show for the move.

In a statement released by NAF's Director of Public Relations and Information, Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola, he mentioned that the Special Forces had been addressed on the need to respect human rights and freedom, and put excellence and integrity ahead of their own personal interest.

As already known by many, the Nigerian Air Force headquarters had been before this deployed some Special Forces to the region, in a mission known as Operation SAFE HAVEN. And the newly deployed personnel is in line with the mission, to augment the efforts of those other Special Forces, who are putting in their efforts to bring a lasting solution to the insurgency in the region.

Concerning the duration of their stay there, it was revealed that they would be staying there for as long as is necessary, until peace is restored to the region.

In a few days' time, NAF's medical team is also expected to arrive in the region, to render medical services to displaced persons in the region, and also those who have been affected by the Boko Haram crisis in the region.

What is expected of the people of Southern Kaduna now is their maximum cooperation with the Special Forces, and also provide them vital information that would help crack down on these terrorists and bandits.

Often enough, we have been reading about the loss of lives of some military men in the hands of these daredevils, and each of those stories always sends chills down our spines.

And at this moment, what they need from us as Nigerians are our prayers, that God should be with them in their mission, and make them accomplish their mission, and for them to return peacefully back to their families.

It should be recalled that a few days ago, President Buhari had revealed that the government is expecting a shipment of weapons from three different countries - China, Jordan, and America - which will mainly be used for the twin purposes of fighting criminality on land, and also for maritime protection in the Gulf of Guinea.

For some time now, the rate of criminality in the northeast has been on a steady increase - terrorism attacks, banditry, and kidnapping. And many people had begun blaming the government for its ineptitude towards the insecurity in the region.

But these recent bold steps from the government are coming as rays of hope to millions of Nigerians who now believe that we might soon be witnessing the end of the insurgency in the country.

See photos of the deployed Special Forces:

Many have hailed the federal government and the Nigerian Air Force, saying that it's a job well done, as the deployment is coming at the right time. See the reactions of some Nigerians below:

Please drop some words of encouragement and prayers for these brave military men, as they set out to fight for the stability of Nigeria. Because it is not easy leaving their families and friends behind to fight a brutal enemy like Boko Haram.

And we also need to commend the government for this timely intervention, because this shows that they are concerned about the safety of the citizens in the country. And we hope that this mission will be successful, and that an end will be brought to the reign of Boko Haram in Southern Kaduna, and the entire northeast.

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