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Have you experienced listening to other people only to end up being miserable?

One thing I've realized this 2022, that no matter what I do, people will always have something to say.

So either I listen and follow them but be miserable.

Or get criticized by taking the path very few has taken but be happy and serve my purpose by being my most authentic self?

Mahirap to. Especially when you're a people pleaser.

Well, I've been a people pleaser.

In my pursuit to make people happy, nakakalimutan ko na ako rin pala kailangan ko ring maging masaya.

Nakakalimutan ko rin, na yung mga taong piniplease ko, madalas, sila pa yung walang ambag sa buhay ko.

Madalas ganito tayo.

Because we want to conform in the society.

Or dahil ayaw natin maleft out.

Hindi na natin napapansin we're doing things that are not aligned to ourselves, our core values, and our belief system.

"Magwork ka sa corporate, maganda ang benefits duon, stable pa ang work mo."

👉 When what you really want is to be your own boss and have your own time freedom.

"Magbusiness ka. Mas mabilis kang yayaman at may oras ka kapag may negosyo ka."

👉 When what you really need and want it to pursue your career or finish your masters degree.

Ilan na ba sa nga desisyon natin ang ginawa natin just because we want to please other people only to be end up unhappy and miserable?

Don't get me wrong.

Walang masamang makinig sa payo ng iba. We need it.

But be careful who you listen to.

Only listen to the advice of those people who has gone ahead of us and has a proven result in things that we want to do.

At makinig ka lang sa mga taong may ambag sa buhay mo.

Don't listen without understanding what you're taking.

Ni hindi mo man lang inassess if those words that you hear resonates to you.

Ayun, ginawa mo lang kasi sabe niya yun gawin mo.

Na kapag hindi mo siya pinakinggan, baka magtampo or magalit. What? Seryoso?

Trust me, if you're always like this, that's when you end up unhappy, lost, and worst broken.

This is why it's so important to really discover

who you are,

what you're good at,

your non negotiable,

your belief system,

limiting beliefs,

core values,

definition of success, etc.

When you take time to know who you are and what you really want, that's when you're able to say no to things or voices that you know will not help you serve your purpose.

Don't be afraid to take the road less taken.

Stop pleasing people, unless if you want to live an unhappy life.

Pray and discern what's your purpose.

And live your life according to your own terms.

The beginning is always the hardest. It takes a lot of bravery and courage para maovercome lahat ng limiting beliefs na pumipigil satin.

Kaya kung nagawa mong magsimula sa kung ano man yang gusto mong abutin or marating, duon pa lang, panalo ka na.

This quote has been written in my journal since 2012. And believe me, this is true. May darating talaga na nakalaan na para sa'yo. Higit pa sa inaakala mo.


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