Top 10 Best Exp Laners In Mobile Legends (Part 2)

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2 years ago

I forgotten about this because of busy schedule and actually I'm demotivated because I feel like I will not receive something from doing this. Anyways I'm just leaving it here.

5. Gloo

Gloo is a good exp lane even though he is basically a Tank. But Tank with insane damage to heroes and can clear lanes easily can be considered as a good exp laners. Gloo with ultimate is very annoying and very tanky that taking turtle against him is a bad idea.

4. Lapu-Lapu

After nerfs on his damage, Lapu-Lapu is still a good hero to take exp lane. The cooldown of his ultimate is extremely short good for spamming to clear lanes faster and rotate to the map. It has also skill that makes you immune to crowd control perfect for defending turrets against ganks. The only problem about him is his untankiness. He can get burst down easily especially if you don't have enough items.

3. Barats

Barats is a Tank and Fighter role heroes but the best build for him is Tank items. With full stacks and demon shoes + guardian helmet, he can literally guard his lane forever. His skill will also change from single target to aoe poke when he reach 16 stack is very helpful when clearing lanes. And his ultimate can sustain again ganks and can even turn the fights around.

2. Benedetta

This hero will never be affected by nerfs as long as you are skilled enough with this hero. She can dash however she wants which is perfect for escape and even chase heroes. She can also clear lanes faster thanks to her ultimate and she is the fastest exp laners to roam around the map. The only problem about her is she is very difficult to master. You clearly need fast hands and hero mastery to execute her properly.

1. Paquito

This new hero is insane. This hero's passive is very OP because it can reset his skill after using full stacks. Which means you can use 2 ultimate if you know how to manage your stacks properly. With festival of blood emblem and Bloodlust Axe item, he can sustain his lane and deal serious damage to enemies. This hero can't be countered easily because you need to gank him with full team (which is a very bad idea) or just ban him.

This heroes can't be the best and I would never say that you can easily win if you've picked them. Of course you just need to master them first and when you are confident and skilled enough, then rank games will just be easy.

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