[Phoveus] Dash Killer - Complete Guide

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- Phoveus is the new Fighter role hero in Mobile Legends. His specialty is Chasing and Controlling heroes thanks to his ultimate skill. Not the strongest but very annoying especially if you choose hero that always rely on dashes.


  • Malefic Terror (1st Skill) - Phoveus Smash the ground and deal magic damage in a small circular aoe. When he hits enemy hero, he can deal additional magic damage and obtain shield as well as movement speed for 3 seconds.

  • Astaros Eye (2nd Skill) - Phoveus summon an eye shape skill that once it hit the enemy hero, they can get marked by his ultimate. This skill is perfect for forcing non dashes hero to dash because this skill can also act as a crowd control that have a little damage.

  • Demonic Force (Ultimate Skill) - When an enemy dashes or getting hit by the pull effect of 2nd skill, Phoveus can activate his ultimate and jump to the target. He can deal damage to enemy and stack decent amount of armours perfect for tower dives. He can also gain Immunity to crowd controls while jumping. But once activated, he can only use this skill for 12 seconds as long as the enemy use dashed.

  • Demonic Intuition (Passive) - When the enemy hero use dashes, all of Phoveus skill cooldown will be reduced by 1 second per dash. This is very annoying when you fight against Phoveus because you'll just help him get a cooldown when you spam your dash skills.

Lanes, Emblems, Spells and Equipments


Phoveus is a fighter role heroes but deal magic damage. His skill range is not that long and his ultimate is not a skill you can always use. So the best lane he can go is side lanes. It is either Gold or Exp Lane depends on the situation. Phoveus is very dependant on items especially when he gets his Concentrated Energy. So I highly recommend you Gold lane but once your enemy's Gold laner doesn't have a dash skill just switch to Exp lane and try to help the jungler contest the turtle for gold buffs.


Since Phoveus use magic damage, it is perfect to use Magic Emblem for him. When you have max level emblem use Magic Worship as emblem skill because it can deal decent burn magic damage. You can also use Mystery Shop when you are sure to take Gold Lane to have a discount on your items. As for the talents, use Movement Speed and Magic Penetration for more survivability and damage to tanks.


My highly recommended spell you can use is Flameshot. With this you have an additional skill perfect for slowing down enemies or force them to displace so that you can use your ultimate especially when they conserve their dashes. You can also secure kills with this or steal buffs and jungle creeps. The only spell perfect for Phoveus especially now that it has shorter cooldowns.


I actually use 2 kinds of build for Phoveus. And it all depends on situation.

  • Damage/Sustain

I use this build against well farmed enemy heroes or against high damage enemy on lanes. This build actually can be universal build and the build I highly recommend. Always use Demon Boots because his skills uses lots of mana. As a side laner you don't want to recall frequently to restock mana. So the first item you will always buy should be demon boots. Don't worry you can sell it later and replace it with Arcane Boots or Warrior Boots. Followed by Concentrated Energy and Holy Crystal you are ready to go in battles.

  • Scaling/Burst

I usually use this build if our jungler is delay at farms. This build is perfect for long games because of Clock of Destiny. It needs time to stack damage. Combined with Lightning Truncheon and Concentrated Energy Phoveus Skill will absolutely hurt. Not highly recommendable because Phoveus is not good at 20 minutes game. It is much better to be aggressive and harass enemy at early game.

Counter To, Countered By and Best Ally

Counter To

Phoveus is a great counter to hero who rely on dashes. Great enemy of Ling and Lancelot. These two assassin is a jungler and they need to be aggressive to get an early lead. But because of Phoveus they will have a hard time because they rely mostly on their dashes. When Phoveus is around they are just useless. Another hero that Phoveus can counter is Benedetta, Chou, Harith and Wanwan. They are just an easy activator of Phoveus Ultimate and Passive.

Countered By

Phoveus is a very annoying hero because it can even chase you to your base. But he can actually countered easily. Phoveus has no means of escape skill unless you choose flicker or sprint which is a bad spells for Phoveus. And the best hero to counter Phoveus is Esmeralda. She can just steal all of Phoveus' shield and easily damage cause Esmeralda do not rely on dashes. So basically heroes without dashes can easily catch him. These are Barats, Balmond, Chang e, Pharsa or Eve. They can just stop using dashes and wait for his ultimate finish and you can easily pick him off.

Best Ally

If your enemy won't use dashes against you, why not force them to do so with the help of your ally. Akai is the perfect combo of Phoveus. Did you know that when Akai caught the enemy and pinned to the wall, it also means you have unlimited sourse of ultimate. And even you don't have ultimate you can immediately have one because of 1 Second CD reduction of passive. So if you plan to use Phoveus then Akai is the perfect teammates for him. You can also use other heroes with displacement skill if they don't have Akai. These are , Tigreal, Lou Yi, Jawhead, Valir or Khufra.

Final Tip

When clashing, always use your 2nd skill along with your ultimate. It can pressure enemy and if it hits, you'll get additional target for your ultimate skill. So don't just spam your Demonic Force, use your other skills too.

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